Hardware Set-Up; Hardware Configuration; Changing The Mcu Series - Fujitsu YOKOGAWA AF220 Application Note

Flash programmer - f2mc-16lx family 16-bit microcontroller all series
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5 Hardware Set-up

This chapter describes how to set up the programmer

5.1 Hardware Configuration

The right PC-card (for Fujitsu 16LX-series: FF201) has to be inserted in the card slot of the
programmer. Of course, the power connection with the external power-adapter and the
connection to the target board via the interface cable have to be done, too.
After switching on the power supply, an internal system-check is done and the used control
module name is displayed.
In case that another microcontroller wants to be used, another Micom Pack has to be used.

5.1.1 Changing the MCU series

In order to change the microcontroller type the latest Micom Pack including the module
parameter file (*.prm) and write control program (*.BTP), means bootloader-kernel, has to be
downloaded from http://www.ydc.co.jp/micom/product/downloadE.htm.
The *.BTP file is like a bootloader-kernel and is always related to a special microcontroller
1. Download latest Micom Pack regarding to your microcontroller-series.
2. Remove PC-card from Yokogawa Programmer.
Insert PC-card to Personal Computer with an enabled PC-card slot.
In order to enable access to the PC-card the PC-card driver of Windows have to be installed on your PC.
Add the following lines to the config.sys in order to find the PC-card as a drive within the Widows-Explorer:
4. Copy the write control program (*.BTP) to PC-card.
5. Remove PC-card from Personal Computer.
6. Insert PC-card to Yokogawa Programmer.
If no PC with PC-card slot is available then the BTP-file can be exchanged using the Remote
software package AZ290 (see chapter 7):
The old BTP-file has to be erased by the command File Purge[FUNC] + F 3 in the tab Basic-
Operation. Afterwards the new BTP-file can be copied by using the function "Bundle-File:
File Copy from HD to DOS area" from the tab File-Transfer.
Only one write control program (*.BTP) is allowed to be stored on the PC-card!
In case that more than one BTP-file is located on the PC-card the programming might fail!
Hardware Set-up
device=c:\windows\system\carddrv.exe /slot=2
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Table of Contents

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