Fujitsu D3162-B Tech Note

Fujitsu D3162-B Tech Note

Extended lifecycle mainboard


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TechNotes V1.0
Extended Lifecycle Mainboard


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 TechNotes V1.0 Extended Lifecycle Mainboard D3162-B...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Power Supply Connector 3.11 Additional Power Supply Connector 3.12 Chassis Intrusion System Monitoring D3162-B: Temperature Sensors and Fan Connectors D3162-B: SystemGuard D3162-B: SystemGuard - Details SilentFanConfigManager – Customize System Monitoring Settings Components for continous 24/7 operation @ +45°C Capacitor Endurance Time Comparison...
  • Page 3 Known Issues & Important Notes Windows XP Installation in AHCI mode – necessary adjustments RAID / AHCI driver disk installation (Windows XP) from floppy disk Miscellaneous 10.1 System Watchdog (WD) 10.2 BIOS Update / BIOS Recovery TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 3 of 45
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    I/O connectors) until the mainboard is completely powered down. Any damage caused to the mainboard by misuse of the onboard connectors is excluded from the standard warranty. Fujitsu Technology Solutions cannot be held liable for any damage that results from incorrect use of any onboard connectors.
  • Page 5: Feature Overview D3162-B

    2 Feature Overview D3162-B Pantherpoint Based on latest Intel single-chip technology (iQ77) • Support for full range of latest LGA1155 processors (gen2 / gen3; up to 95W) • • Intel® Core™ i7 – 2xxx / i7-37xx processor series • Intel® Core™ i5 – 2xxx / i5-3xxx processor series •...
  • Page 6 Feature Overview D3162-B • Trusted Platform Module TPM V1.2 (Infineon) onboard • Latest Intel® HD Graphics (integrated in processor) • Simultaneous use of integrated graphics and PCIe graphics possible • PCI Express Gen3 • 5.1 multichannel audio onboard • 4-Layer PCB TechNotes D3162-B V1.0...
  • Page 7 Feature Overview D3162-B Designed & approved for 24/7 continuous operation High Efficiency core voltage regulator design (80-85%) Extended lifecycle up to 3 years Hardware Watchdog  Easy SW integration via Windows API & Linux Driver TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 7 of 45...
  • Page 8: Basic Layout

    Feature Overview D3162-B 2.1 Basic Layout TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 8 of 45
  • Page 9: Block Diagram

    Feature Overview D307x-S 2.2 Block Diagram...
  • Page 10: External Connectors D3162-B

    Feature Overview D3162-B 2.3 External Connectors D3162-B Audio LAN1; 2 x USB 2.0 2 x USB 3.0 COM; DVI-I DisplayPort 4 x USB 2.0 PS/2 Kbd / Mouse...
  • Page 11: Onboard Components D3162-B

    Feature Overview D3162-B 2.4 Onboard components D3162-B Parallel Port 24 pin ATX PS Frontpanel Fan 2 (4 pin PWM) PSU Fan Control 2x USB 3.0 (Frontpanel) 2 x SATA III Intrusion 4 x SATA II Processor Fan (4 pin PWM) Processor LGA1155 2 x USB 2.0 (Frontpanel)
  • Page 12: I/O-Shield

    Feature Overview 2.5 I/O-Shield (front view) Spring Steel Sheet Enforcement Sheet Rear Side: EMI Gasket (Foam with Aluminium) TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 12 of 45
  • Page 13 FTS IO shield. Nominal force: ~ 150 – 200 N (tbd) for specified ATX IO “letterbox” Note: ATX Chassis “letterbox” for I/O shield: Nom. size = 158.75 x 44.45mm Tolerance = +/- 0.2mm TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 13 of 45
  • Page 14: Interfaces & Connectors

    Cathode: Pin 4 – output (12mA) HDD LED: Anode: Pin 1 – 365R Pullup to 5V Cathode: Pin 3 – output (6mA ; ~ 0.7V low level) Speaker Output: Differential audio signal; max. 0.5W / 8Ohm TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 14 of 45
  • Page 15: Internal Parallel Port Connector

    Interfaces & Connectors 3.2 Internal Parallel Port Connector optional Parallelport cable with ATX bracket 3.3 Internal USB2.0 Connector (2 x 2 Ports) TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 15 of 45
  • Page 16: Internal Usb3.0 Connector (1 X 2 Ports)

    Interfaces & Connectors 3.4 Internal USB3.0 Connector (1 x 2 Ports) 3.5 External USB3.0 Connector TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 16 of 45
  • Page 17: Fan Connector

    12V supply voltage! removed while the system is Fan current: Max. 1A continuous powered. Mainboard may be damaged! 3.7 Power Supply Fan Connector Note: This feature is not supported by standard ATX power supplies! TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 17 of 45
  • Page 18: High Definition Frontpanel Audio Connector (Hd Audio)

    Note: In case of using this connector in AC97 = Legacy mode (BIOS Setting) take care for pin 7. This pin is tied to GND. HP_ON# signaling on this pin is not supported. TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 18 of 45
  • Page 19: Power Supply Connector

    Interfaces & Connectors 3.10 Power Supply Connector 3.11 Additional Power Supply Connector TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 19 of 45
  • Page 20: Chassis Intrusion

    BIOS POST if an intrusion event has been detected. In order to continue, the Supervisor Password must be entered to confirm the intrusion event. The intrusion status can be easily monitored by using the BMCAPI (Windows): TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 20 of 45
  • Page 21: System Monitoring

    4 System Monitoring - Temperature Sensors and Fans - SystemGuard: Fan / Temperature Monitor - SilentFanConfig-Manager - Temperature Reference Points TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 21 of 45
  • Page 22: D3162-B: Temperature Sensors And Fan Connectors

    System Monitoring 4.1 D3162-B: Temperature Sensors and Fan Connectors Fan 2 (4 pin PWM) PSU Fan Control Sensor “Super I/O” Processor (Fan1; 4 pin PWM) Sensor “Memory” Sensor “Processor” Fan 3 (4 pin PWM) Sensor “CoreRegulator” Sensor “PCIe Graphics” (not yet available in...
  • Page 23: D3162-B: Systemguard

    System Monitoring 4.2 D3162-B: SystemGuard System Monitoring Tool: Visualize processor and sensor • temperature data Display current speed for all • attached fans • User can configure fan aging control (menu “Special”) • User can configure system watchdog (menu “Special”) User can adjust system behaviour via “Silent PC / Performance PC”...
  • Page 24: D3162-B: Systemguard - Details

    System Monitoring 4.3 D3162-B: SystemGuard - Details Temperature Sensors Processor Sensor Super I/O Sensor Memory Sensor Core Voltage Regulator Sensor Sensor / Fan Matrix  Indicates which sensor influences the specific fan speed  Note: Characteristics for FAN1 is always dependent on the CPU temperature –...
  • Page 25: Silentfanconfigmanager - Customize System Monitoring Settings

    System Monitoring 4.4 SilentFanConfigManager – Customize System Monitoring Settings Note: This option is not yet supported for D3062-B. Support may be possible upon request! TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 25 of 45
  • Page 26: Components For Continous 24/7 Operation @ +45°C

    (= solid electrolyte) Lx = effective endurance time Capacitor Endurance Time Lo = endurance time @ 105°C (e.g. 2.000hrs) Solid Electrolyte: to = 105°C tx = capacitor surface temperature Fluid Electrolyte: (e.g. 75°C) TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 26 of 45
  • Page 27: Capacitor Endurance Time Comparison

    System Monitoring 4.6 Capacitor Endurance Time Comparison TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 27 of 45
  • Page 28: Temperature Reference Points D3162-B

    System Monitoring Operating Conditions: 4.7 Temperature Reference Points D3162-B Circulating air (mainboard) max. 45°C Battery max. 60/70°C Usage 24h / 7 days 1) Note: Battery operation is specified in temperature range up to 60°C. Operation between 60°C and 70°C may result in: Super I/O max.
  • Page 29: Power Supply

    The ATX power supply should support the minimum load conditions as mentioned in the chart. Note: The max. mainboard current in the chart doesn´t include the power for optional adapters and drives! TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 29 of 45
  • Page 30: Display Options

    6 Display Options 6.1 VGA Output optional: Audio DVI-VGA Interface Connector max. VGA screen resolution: 1920 x 1200 Analog (VGA) Monitor TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 30 of 45
  • Page 31: Dvi Output

    Display Options 6.2 DVI Output optional: Audio max. DVI screen resolution: 1920 x 1200 Digital (DVI) Monitor Note: DVI supports Single Link only! TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 31 of 45
  • Page 32: Hdmi Output

    6.3 HDMI Output DVI-HDMI Interface Connector HDMI max. HDMI screen resolution: 1920 x 1200 Digital (HDMI) Monitor HDMI transfers Video & Audio Note: HDMI Audio Device needs to be enabled via Control Panel! TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 32 of 45
  • Page 33: Displayport Output

    Display Options 6.4 DisplayPort Output Display Port max. DP screen resolution: 2560 x 1600 Digital (DisplayPort) Monitor TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 33 of 45
  • Page 34: Dual Dvi Output

    Display Options 6.5 Dual DVI Output Digital (DVI) Monitor 1 DisplayPort- DVI-Converter Cable Dual Independent Display / Extended Desktop Digital (DVI) Monitor 2 TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 34 of 45
  • Page 35: Multi Monitor Output

    Display Options 6.6 Multi Monitor Output Digital (DVI) Monitor 1 Digital (DVI) Monitor 2 Digital (DVI) Monitor 3 DisplayPort- DVI-Converter Cable Digital (DVI) Monitor 4 Simultaneous use of internal Graphics and PCIe Graphics TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 35 of 45
  • Page 36: Operating System Support

    7 Operating System Support - Windows® XP - Windows® 7 TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 36 of 45
  • Page 37: Support For Windows Xp / Windows 7

    Operating System Support 7.1 Support for Windows XP / Windows 7 • Mainboard D3162-B is designed according to the Microsoft Guidelines for Windows XP and Windows 7 MS certified drivers (32/64 Bit) are available via OEM DU-DVD • and OEM FTP Server
  • Page 38: Mainboard Tools

    - Add an individual customer serial no / add a chassis asset tag - Disable and hide TPM feature in BIOS Setup Link to DOS-based tool and evaluation version of 32Bit tool (Win PE): TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 38 of 45
  • Page 39: Systemguard

    - Option to configure automatic fan ageing supervision - Provides access to the System Watchdog Note: Further details regarding mainboard tools can be found in the related “Mainboard Tools Datasheet”$$_DS_UEFI-Tools.pdf TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 39 of 45
  • Page 40: Known Issues & Important Notes

    - Choose BIOS AHCI-mode (ADVANCED – SATA Configuration) - Download F6 SATA Driver Disk - Start the Installation of Win XP – press F6 to install SATA drivers - Use the following Drivers for D3162-B: - Continue the installation TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 40 of 45
  • Page 41: Raid / Ahci Driver Disk Installation (Windows Xp) From Floppy Disk

    Known Issues & Important notes 9.2 RAID / AHCI driver disk installation (Windows XP) from floppy disk - D3162-B doesn´t offer a legacy floppy interface Windows XP has some limitations regarding USB floppy support, for details see link below Alternative option: Use nLite-tool to create customized XP installation CD incl.
  • Page 42: Miscellaneous

    10 Miscellaneous 10.1 System Watchdog (WD) D3162-B provides a HW Watchdog for Operating System Runtime supervision. o Use “WD software agent” to start, stop or retrigger the watchdog during OS runtime Note: This “agent” needs to be provided by the customer, dependent on his needs.
  • Page 43: Bios Update / Bios Recovery

     Required BIOS files: EfiFlash.exe (DOS flash tool) DosFlash.bat (batch file) D3162-B.upd (flash file) Copy unzipped files to a DOS-bootable USB stick, boot system from stick and run DosFlash.bat Links to bootable Free-DOS images to create a bootable USB stick: 24MB:
  • Page 44 Follow instructions on the screen and set jumper to default position Note: BIOS Recovery should only be used to repair a corrupted BIOS. All customized data except for OEM SLP data will be reset. TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 44 of 45
  • Page 45 TechNotes D307x-S V1.1 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU TechNotes D3162-B V1.0 Page 45 of 45

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