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Software – Remote Controller AZ290
7 Software – Remote Controller AZ290
This chapter describes how to remote control the Yokogawa Flash-Programmer by a PC
The Remote Software Package AZ290 allows to set-up and to control the Flash-Programmer
by a PC.
Connect the Flash programmer AF220/221 via RS-232C or Ethernet to the PC. If the
Ethernet wants to be used, refer to the user-manual how to set-up the IP-address.
Start the Remote-Software AZ290. The software should automatically find the programmer.

7.1 Parameter Load

The parameter file contents the microcontroller-related information like e.g. Flash-Memory
In order to load a new microcontroller series, open the tab "File Transfer" and select
"Parameter Load from HD".
After the file is successfully loaded, the MCU-type is shown on the programmers LC-display.

7.2 File transfer to PC-card

Keep in mind that the related bootloader-kernel (write control program, *.BTP) has to be
copied manually to the PC-card. This can be done by the button "File copy from HD to DOS
area" in the group "Bundle File". See chapter 5.1.1 for more details.
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