Introduction; Programmer Overview - Fujitsu YOKOGAWA AF220 Application Note

Flash programmer - f2mc-16lx family 16-bit microcontroller all series
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4 Introduction

This application note describes the set up and using of the third party Flash-Programmer
"Yokogawa AF220/AF221".
The programmer allows in-circuit programming of Fujitsu microcontrollers using the serial-
synchronous interface.
The Yokogawa AF220/AF221 can be adapted to different target controller types by changing
the control-module (PC-card). With the FF201 module near all Fujitsu microcontrollers
of the 16LX-series can be programmed. The FF205 module supports the MB91F150-
family (32-Bit), the FF206 module has to be used together with MB91F360-family (32-
It can be used as stand-alone system as well as a PC-controlled programmer using the
RS-232C or the Ethernet interface.
The optional software package AZ290 allows to program remotely control application
software created at customers' sites.
User information and system settings can be stored on the PC-card.

4.1 Programmer overview

Figure 1.1 shows the YOKOGAWA Flash-Programmer AF220 and its most important
operating elements.
Figure 1-1: Aspect of the AF220 Flash-Programmer
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