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Problem Solving Guide; After Sales Service - Miele KM 83-2 Operating Instructions Manual

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Problem solving guide
Repairs to the gas and electrical
components of this appliance must
only be carried out by a suitably
qualified person. Repairs by un-
authorized personnel could be dan- !
However some minor problems can be
resolved as follows:
What to do i f . . .
. . . the burners do not ignite after
several attempts?
Check whether
• the burner cap is correctly posi-
tioned on the burner head.
• the gas supply tap is turned on.
• a mains fuse has blown. In this case
call an electrician or the Miele Ser-
vice Dept.
Use a match to light the gas (see
page 10).
. . . the shape and colour of the flame
are different from usual?
• Check whether the burner cap is cor-
rectly positioned on the burner head
. . . the gas flame goes out after
being lit?
• Check whether the burner cap is cor-
rectly positioned on the burner head.
. . . the electric spark ignition for the
gas burners no longer works?
• Check whether food residues or
cleaning agent have collected be-
tween the ignition electrode and the
Clean these away carefully. Do not let
the electrode get wet.
After Sales Service
In the event of any fault which you can-
not correct yourself, or if the appliance
is under guarantee, please contact:
• Your Miele Dealer
• The Miele Service Department
The address of the nearest Service De-
partment is given on the back page.
When contacting the Service Depart-
ment, please quote the Model and Ser-
ial No. of the appliance, both of which
can be found on the data plate.
Space for enclosed data plate



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