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Automatic Programmes - AEG BY931460KM User Manual

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7.2 Setting the clock functions
Before you use the
functions: Duration, End
Time, you must set a heating
function and temperature
first. The appliance
deactivates automatically.
You can use the functions:
Duration and End Time at
the same time if you want to
automatically activate and
deactivate the appliance on
a given time later.
The functions: Duration and
End Time do not work when
you use the core
temperature sensor.
1. Set a heating function.
2. Press
display shows the necessary clock
function and the related symbol.
3. Use the shuttle to set the necessary
4. Press
When the time ends, an acoustic signal
sounds. The appliance deactivates. The
display shows a message.
5. Press any symbol to stop the signal.
7.3 Heat + Hold
Conditions for the function:
• The set temperature is more than 80
• The function: Duration is set.


Refer to Safety chapters.
again and again until the
to confirm.
The function: Heat + Hold keeps
prepared food warm at 80 °C for 30
minutes. It activates after the baking or
roasting procedure ends.
You can activate or deactivate the
function in the menu: Basic Settings.
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Select the heating function.
3. Set the temperature above 80 °C.
4. Press
again and again until the
display shows: Heat + Hold.
5. Press
to confirm.
When the function ends, an acoustic
signal sounds.
The function stays on if you change the
heating functions.
7.4 Time Extension
The function: Time Extension makes the
heating function continue after the end
of Duration.
Applicable to all heating
functions with Duration or
Weight Automatic.
Not applicable to heating
functions with the core
temperature sensor.
1. When the cooking time ends, an
acoustic signal sounds. Press a
sensor field.
The display shows the message.
2. Press
to activate or
When Time Extension is set on, an
additional minute appears.
8.1 Recipes online
You can find the recipes for
the automatic programmes
specified for this appliance
on our website. To find the
proper Recipe Book check
the PNC number on the
rating plate on the front
frame of the appliance
to cancel.


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