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Clock Functions - AEG BY931460KM User Manual

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The lamp may automatically
deactivate at a temperature
below 60 °C during some
oven functions.
6.4 Activating a heating
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Select the menu: Heating Functions.
3. Press
4. Select a heating function.
5. Press
6. Set the temperature.
7. Press
If you want to change a heating function,
. If you want to change the
temperature, turn the shuttle to the right
or to the left.
6.5 Heat-up indicator
When you activate a heating function,
the bar on the display comes on. The bar


7.1 Clock functions table
Clock function
If you set the time for a clock function,
the time starts to count down after 5
to confirm.
to confirm.
to confirm.
Minute Minder
End Time
shows that the temperature increases.
When temperature is reached the buzzer
sounds 3 times and the bar flashes and
then disappears.
6.6 Fast Heat Up Indicator
This function decreases the heat-up time.
Do not put food in the oven
when the Fast heat up
function operates.
1. To activate the function touch
again and again until the display
shows Fast Heat Up.
2. Press
to activate or deactivate
the function.
6.7 Residual heat
When you deactivate the appliance, the
display shows the residual heat. You can
use the heat to keep the food warm.
To set a countdown (max. 2 h 30 min). This
function has no effect on the operation of the
appliance. You can also activate it when the
appliance is deactivated.
To set the length of an operation (max. 23 h
59 min).
To set the switch-off time for a heating func-
tion (max. 23 h 59 min).
If you use the clock
functions: Duration, End
Time, the appliance
deactivates the heating
elements after 90 % of the
set time. The appliance uses
the residual heat to continue
the cooking process until the
time ends (3 - 20 minutes).


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