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Philips HF320/00 User Manual page 6

Bloodpress.mntr.(watch) watch
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Placing the wristband
- Put the wristband on the left wrist
with the control panel on the inside of
the wrist. Make sure that there is no
piece of clothing between the wrist
and the wristband.
The wristband must be placed
approx. 1 cm (0.5 inch) away from
the palm of the hand
- Tighten the wristband firmly around
the wrist; make sure that there is no
room left between the wrist and the
Note: the coloured marks on the
wristband indicate a wrist
circumference of 13.5-19.5 cm (5.25-
7.75 inches). If the marks do not
overlap, the circumference of your
wrist is too big to allow accurate
functioning of this blood pressure meter.
Conditions for accurate blood pressure measurement
- Rest your elbow on a table and hold up your forearm in
such a way that the wristband is at about the same height
as your heart. Support your forearm.
- Sit down and relax for 10 minutes before you use the
blood pressure meter for the first time. Breath deeply in
and out five times before you start measuring.

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