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Philips HF320/00 User Manual page 13

Bloodpress.mntr.(watch) watch
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measurement shows your blood pressure to be higher than
Why measure blood pressure at home?
An incidental blood pressure measurement carried out by a
doctor is not a true representation of your actual blood
pressure. It is possible that a person's blood pressure is
higher when it is measured by a doctor than it is when it is
measured at home, because people tend to be somewhat
tense during a visit to the doctor. This is why the pressure
measured by doctors is often called 'white coat' blood
By measuring your blood pressure every morning before
breakfast you can determine your basic blood pressure. By
always carrying out the measurement at the same time of
day, external influences on blood pressure can be excluded
as much as possible.
If you want to gain insight into the daily fluctuations of your
blood pressure, measure your blood pressure at several set
points during the day. The risk of illness due to high blood
pressure depends on all pressures that occur during the
day, not only on the blood pressure you happen to have in
the morning.
Always write down the date and the time along with the
blood pressure values measured. Keep in mind that only a
doctor is capable of analysing your blood pressure values.
On no account make a diagnosis yourself and NEVER
change the dose of medication prescribed by a doctor.

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