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Leveling The Appliance; Connecting Supply Hose - LG WD1216HTE Owner's Manual

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Leveling the Appliance

If the floor is uneven, turn the adjustable feet as required
(Do not insert pieces of wood etc. under the feet). Make
sure that all four feet are stable and resting on the floor
and then check that the appliance is perfectly level (Use
a spirit level).
• Once the appliance is level, tighten the lock nuts up
towards the base of the appliance. All lock nuts must
be tightened.
Lock nut
Diagonal Check
• When pushing down the edges of the top plate
diagonally, the appliance should not move up and
down at all (Check both directions). If the appliance
rocks when pushing the machine top plate diagonally,
adjust the feet again.
• Timber or suspended type flooring may contribute
to excessive vibration and unbalance errors and
Tighten all 4
lock nuts securely

Connecting Supply Hose

• Water supply pressure must be between 0.1 MPa and
0.8 MPa (1.0‒8.0 kgf/cm
• Do not strip or crossthread when connecting supply
hose to the valve.
• If the water supply pressure is more than 0.8 MPa, a
decompression device should be installed.
• Periodically check the condition of the hose and
replace the hose if necessary.
Checking the Rubber Seal on the Supply
Two rubber seals are supplied with the water supply
They are used for preventing water leaks. Make sure
the connection to taps is sufficiently tight. Do not over
tighten the hoses with any mechanical device.
Hose connector
Rubber seal
Hose connector
Rubber seal



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