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Smart Functions; Application Installation; Using The Wi-Fi Function - LG WD1216HTE Owner's Manual

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Application Installation

Search for the LG Smart ThinQ application from the
Google Play Store on a smart phone. Follow instructions
to download and install the application.
Product Registration
Run the LG Smart ThinQ application on a smart
Create an account and sign in.
Select Register product.
Select Front load washer.
Follow the instructions on the smart phone to
register the appliance and connect it to a Wi-Fi
• To verify the Wi-Fi connection, check the Wi-Fi icon
) on the control panel is lit.
• LG Smart ThinQ is not responsible for any network
connection problems or any faults, malfunctions, or
errors caused by network connection.
• The machine supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks only.
• If the appliance is having trouble connecting to the Wi-
Fi network, it may be too far from the router.Purchase
a Wi-Fi repeater (range extender) to improve the Wi-Fi
signal strength.
• The Wi-Fi connection may not connect or may be
interrupted because of the home network environment.
• The network connection may not work properly
depending on the internet service provider.
• The surrounding wireless environment can make the
wireless network service run slowly.
• This information is current at the time of publication.
The application is subject to change for appliance
improvement purposes without notice to users.

Using the Wi-Fi Function

Communicate with the appliance from a smart phone
using the convenient smart features.
Using the Application
Select the appliance in the application and connect
it to a Wi-Fi network.
Select the menu on the upper right side to access
settings and features.
Washer Cycle
Set or download any perferred cycle and operate by
remote control.
Tub Clean Coach
Check the appropriate Tub Clean period based on the
washing frequency.
Energy Monitoring
Check the energy consumption of the recently used
cycles and monthly average. (not all models will have
this feature)
Smart Diagnosis
This function provides useful information for diagnosing
and solving issues with the appliance based on the
pattern of use.
Various functions are available.
Push Alert
Turn on the Push Alerts to receive appliance status
notifications. The notifications are triggered even if the
LG Smart ThinQ application is off.



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