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Error Messages - LG WD1216HTE Owner's Manual

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Error Messages

Water supply pressure is not
adequate in area.
Water supply taps are not
completely open.
Water supply hose(s) are kinked.
The filter of the supply hose(s)
are clogged.
If water leakage occurred in the
supply hose (aqua stop hose),
will become red.
• May vary depending on the model.
Drain hose may not be installed
as per installation instructions.
The drain filter is clogged.
Load is too small.
Feet are not adjusted correctly.
The appliance has an imbalance
detection and correction system.
If individual heavy articles are
loaded (e.g. bath mat, bath
robe, etc.) this system may stop
spinning or even interrupt the
spin cycle altogether.
If the laundry is still too wet at
the end of the cycle, add smaller
articles of laundry to balance the
load and repeat the spin cycle.
• Check another tap in the house.
• Fully open tap.
• Straighten hose(s).
• Check the filter of the supply hose.
• Ensure that the drain hose is installed as
per the installation instructions.
• Clean the drain filter.
• Add 1 or 2 similar items to help balance
the load.
• Adjust the front feet(or foot) so that there
is no rocking from corner to corner.
• Rearrange load to allow proper spinning.
• Rearrange load to allow proper spinning.



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