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Dry - LG WD1216HTE Owner's Manual

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Use the Automatic cycles to dry most loads. Electronic
sensors measure the temperature of the exhaust to
increase or decrease drying temperatures for faster
reaction time and tighter temperature control.
• Cold water tap must be left on during drying cycles.
• This washing machine's automatic process from
washing to drying can be selected easily.
• For most even drying, make sure all articles in the
clothes load are similar in material and thickness.
• Do not overload the washing machine by stuffing too
many articles into the drum. Items must be able to
tumble freely.
• If you open the door and remove the load before the
washing machine has finished its cycle, remember to
press the Start/Pause button.
• After the end of the dry cycle, '
' means crease reduction. The drying cycle is
already done. Press any button to terminate the
' function and unlock the door. If you do not press
any button, the '
' function will end after about 4
• When you turn the washing machine off of the drying
cycle, the drying fan motor can be operated to save
itself for 1 minute.
• Be careful when removing your clothing from the
washing machine, as the clothing or washing machine
may be hot.
Woolen Articles
• Do not tumble dry woolen articles. Pull them to their
original shape and dry them flat.
Woven and Loopknit Materials
• Some woven and loopknit materials may shrink, by
varying amounts, depending on their quality.
• Always stretch these materials out immediately after
Permanent Press and Synthetics
• Do not overload your washing machine
• Take out permanent press articles as soon as the
Baby clothes and Night Gowns
• Always check the manufacturer's instructions.
Rubber and Plastics
• Do not dry any items made from or containing rubber
' is displayed.
Fiber glass
• Do not dry fiberglass articles in your washing machine.
Drying Time Guide
• The drying time can be selected by pressing the Time
• These drying times are given as a guide to help you
• The estimated drying time varies from the actual
• When you select drying only, spinning runs
washing machine stops to reduce wrinkles.
or plastics, such as:
– aprons, bibs, chair covers
– curtains and table cloths
– bathmats
Glass particles left in the washing machine may be
picked up by your clothes the next time you use the
washing machine and cause skin irritation.
Dry button.
set your washing machine for manual drying.
drying time during the Automatic cycle. The type of
fabric, size of the load, and the dryness selected affect
drying time.
automatically for energy efficiency.



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