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Inserting/Replacing The Batteries; Operation; Using The Touch Screen - Bosch PLR 50 C Manual

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Inserting/Replacing the Batteries

Using alkali-manganese or rechargeable batteries is recommended for operation of
the measuring tool.
Less measurements are possible when using 1.2 V rechargeable batteries than with
1.5 V batteries.
To open the battery lid 4, fold out the positioning plate 3, press the latch 5 in the di-
rection of the arrow and remove the battery lid. Insert the batteries/rechargeable bat-
teries. When inserting, pay attention to the correct polarity according to the represen-
tation on the inside of the battery compartment.
If the battery symbol
first appears in the display, then at least 100 measurements
are still possible. When the battery symbol is empty, you have to replace the batter-
ies/rechargeable batteries because measurements are no longer possible.
Always replace all batteries/rechargeable batteries at the same time. Do not use dif-
ferent brands or types of batteries/rechargeable batteries together.
 Remove the batteries/rechargeable batteries from the measuring tool when
not using it for longer periods. When storing for longer periods, the batteries/re-
chargeable batteries can corrode and self-discharge.


Using the Touchscreen
 Do not use the measuring tool if the touchscreen is visibly damaged (e.g.
cracks in the surface etc.).
The display is divided into the Status bar (A), Touchscreen
(B) and Menu bar (C) sections.
The status bar shows the Bluetooth® connection status, the
temperature warning and the charging state of the batteries/
rechargeable batteries.
The measuring tool can be controlled by touching the buttons
on the touchscreen.
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