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Measuring Functions - Bosch PLR 50 C Manual

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Selecting the Reference Level (see figures A – C)
For the measurement, you can select between three different reference planes:
– the rear measuring-tool edge (e.g. when measuring onward from a wall),
– The positioning plate 3 folded out by 180° (e.g. when measuring from a corner),
– The front edge of the measuring tool (e.g. when measuring from a table edge).
To select the reference level, press the e button and select the required reference lev-
el on the touchscreen. The rear edge of the measuring tool is preset as the reference
level every time the measuring tool is switched on.
Subsequent changing of the reference level for measurements that have already been
carried out (e.g. when indicating measuring values in the measured-value list) is not
"Basic Settings"
To go to the "Basic Settings" menu, press the i button and then
the o button.
Now select the required button to deactivate or to activate the
function. A deactivated setting is shown as a grey symbol, while
an activated setting is shown as a white symbol.
To exit the "Basic Settings" menu, press the n button.
Basic Settings
Inclination Calibration
Tone Signals

Measuring Functions

Simple Length Measurement
Use simple length measurement to measure distances, lengths, heights and clearanc-
es, etc.
Press the k button and then select the button for length measurement
Briefly press the measuring button 1 once to switch on the laser and once to measure.
1 609 92A 1F3 | (20.8.15)
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