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Troubleshooting - Causes And Corrective Measures - Bosch PLR 50 C Manual

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Accuracy Check and Calibration of the Grade Measurement
The tilt sensor is used in the "Inclination Measurement", "Digital Spirit Level" and "In-
direct Distance Measurement" modes. When you are using these modes, we recom-
mend regular calibration (see "Basic Settings", page 34). Follow the instructions on
the touchscreen.
We recommend that you perform an accuracy check and if necessary a calibration of
the measuring tool after extreme temperature variations and after impact to the tool.
After a temperature variation, the measuring tool must acclimatise for a while before
grade calibration is performed.
The measuring tool will automatically suggest a calibration after severe variations in
Accuracy Check of the Distance Measurement
The accuracy of the distance measurement can be checked as follows:
– Select a permanently unchangeable measuring section which is approx. 3 to 10 m
long and which you know the exact length of (e.g. room width, door opening). The
measuring section must be indoors, and the target surface of the measurement
must be smooth and reflect well.
– Measure the distance 10 times after another.
The deviation of the individual measurements from the mean value must not exceed
±2 mm (max.). Log the measurements, so that you can compare their accuracy at a
later point of time.
Measuring with Positioning Plate (see figure B)
Using the positioning plate 3 is suitable for applications such as measuring from a cor-
ner (room diagonal) or from hard-to-reach areas.
Fold out the positioning plate 3.
Set the reference level to measurement with positioning plate in the measuring tool.
When the measurement has been completed, fold the positioning plate 3 back in.
Troubleshooting – Causes and Corrective Measures
Temperature warning indicator (b) flashing; measurement not possible
The measuring tool is outside the operating tem-
perature range from – 10 °C to + 50 °C (in the
continuous measurement function up to
+40 °C).
1 609 92A 1F3 | (20.8.15)
Corrective Measure
Wait until the measuring tool has
reached the operating tempera-
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