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Measuring Procedure - Bosch PLR 50 C Manual

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Measuring Procedure

Once switched on, the measuring tool is in the length measure-
ment function. Other measuring functions can be set by pressing
the k button (see "Measuring Functions", page 34).
Once the measuring tool has been switched on, the rear edge of
the measuring tool is selected as the reference level for measure-
ment. Press the e button to change the reference level (see "Se-
lecting the Reference Level", page 34).
Place the measuring tool with the selected reference plane against the desired start-
ing point of the measurement (e.g. a wall).
To switch on the laser beam, briefly press the measuring button 1.
 Do not point the laser beam at persons or animals and do not look into the la-
ser beam yourself, not even from a large distance.
Aim the laser beam at the target surface. To initiate the measurement, briefly press
the measuring button 1 again.
In the function continuous measurement, the measurement begins the first time you
press the measuring button 1.
The measured value typically appears within 0.5 seconds and no later than 4 sec-
onds. The duration of the measurement depends on the distance, the lighting condi-
tions and the reflective properties of the target surface.
If no measurement has taken place approx. 20 seconds after sighting, the laser beam
is switched off automatically to save the batteries and the display is dimmed.
Integrated Help Function
Help in the form of an animation is stored in the measuring tool for
each measuring function. First select the k button and then the re-
quired measuring function. The animation shows you the detailed
procedure for the selected measuring function.
The animation can be stopped and started again at any time. You
can scroll forward and back.
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