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Working Advice - Bosch PLR 50 C Manual

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Deactivating the
® Interface
To deactivate the Bluetooth® interface, press the Bluetooth® j button or switch the
measuring tool off. Alternatively, the Bluetooth® interface can be deactivated via the
"Basic Settings" menu (see page 34).

Working Advice

 The measuring tool is equipped with a radio interface. Local operating restric-
tions, e.g. in airplanes or hospitals, are to be observed.
General Information
The reception lens 9 and the laser beam outlet 8 must not be covered when taking a
The measuring tool must not be moved while taking a measurement (with the excep-
tion of the continuous measurement and grade measurement functions). Therefore,
place the measuring tool, as far as this is possible, against or on a firm stop or support-
ing surface.
Influence Effects on the Measuring Range
The measuring range depends upon the light conditions and the reflection properties
of the target surface. For improved visibility of the laser beam when working outdoors
and when the sunlight is intense, use the laser viewing glasses 10 (accessory) and the
laser target plate 11 (accessory), or shade off the target surface.
Influence Effects on the Measuring Result
Due to physical effects, faulty measurements cannot be excluded when measuring on
different surfaces. Included here are:
– Transparent surfaces (e.g., glass, water),
– Reflecting surfaces (e.g., polished metal, glass),
– Porous surfaces (e.g. insulation materials),
– Structured surfaces (e.g., roughcast, natural stone).
If required, use the laser target plate 11 (accessory) on these surfaces.
Furthermore, faulty measurements are also possible when sighting inclined target
Also, air layers with varying temperatures or indirectly received reflections can affect
the measured value.
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