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Initial Operation - Bosch PLR 50 C Manual

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The menu bar provides additional functions (e.g. Bluetooth® on/off, menu, delete).
 Use only your fingers to operate the touchscreen.
 Lightly tap the corresponding button. Do not apply high pressure or use sharp ob-
jects to tap the touchscreen.
 Do not bring the touchscreen into contact with other electrical devices or water.
 To clean the touchscreen, switch the measuring tool off and wipe off dirt using, for
example, a microfibre cloth.

Initial Operation

 Do not leave the switched-on measuring tool unattended and switch the mea-
suring tool off after use. Other persons could be blinded by the laser beam.
 Protect the measuring tool against moisture and direct sun light.
 Do not subject the measuring tool to extreme temperatures or variations in
temperature. As an example, do not leave it in vehicles for a long time. In case of
large variations in temperature, allow the measuring tool to adjust to the ambient
temperature before putting it into operation. In case of extreme temperatures or
variations in temperature, the accuracy of the measuring tool can be impaired.
 Avoid heavy impact to or falling down of the measuring tool. After severe exte-
rior effects to the measuring tool, it is recommended to carry out an accuracy
check (see "Accuracy Check and Calibration of the Grade Measurement" and "Ac-
curacy Check of the Distance Measurement" on page 40) each time before contin-
uing to work).
Switching On and Off
To switch on the measuring tool, briefly press the measuring button 1. When the
measuring tool is switched on, the laser beam is not yet switched on.
To switch off the measuring tool, press the measuring button 1 and hold it down.
If no physical or graphical button is pressed on the measuring tool for approx. 5 min-
utes, the measuring tool will switch off automatically to save the batteries/rechargea-
ble batteries.
All stored values are retained when the tool is switched off.
1 609 92A 1F3 | (20.8.15)
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