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Honeywell IDENT-KEY Mounting And Connection Instructions page 18

Block lock
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Installation instructions
To allow the block lock bolt to be moved in and out during the installation the brown wire has to be
connected to the +12 V and the white wire to ground.
The green and the yellow wire remain unconnected. Therefore, it is possible to shut the block lock
bolt without connection to the evaluation unit. Thus the face plate can be adjusted easily to the block
lock bolt (e.g. by a carpenter or a locksmith).
Now the block lock can be locked and unlocked easily by means of the profile semi-cylinder.
Project planning of a block lock door
Cable from
block lock to
evaluation unit
Bolt switching contact
(BSC for lock monitoring)
Door frame
Mounting and Connection Instructions IK2 block lock
Magnetic contact
Door leaf
Conventional connecting technology
or BUS-2 technology
Door loop
Extra cable
To central unit
IK-evaluation unit
with buzzer
IK block lock with
bolt extension




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