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Safety Instructions; General Information - Honeywell IDENT-KEY Mounting And Connection Instructions

Block lock
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Safety instructions

Please read these instructions carefully and completely, before installing and starting to work with
this unit.
The unit has been built in accordance with state-of-the-art standards.
Only use the unit:
- according to the designated use and
- in technically perfect and correctly installed condition
- according to the technical data.
The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage resulting from use contrary to the designated
Installation, programming, maintenance and repair works must be carried out only by authorized
trained persons.
Soldering and connecting works on the entire system may only be carried out when disconnected
from mains.
Soldering works must only be performed with a temperature-regulated soldering iron galvanicaly
separated from the mains.
The safety regulations by VDE and the prescriptions of the local power utility have to be observed.
The unit must no be used in explosion endangered environment or in rooms
with metal- or plastic-decomposing vapours.

General information

The IDENT-KEY block lock serves as switching element for arming/disarming of intrusion detection
systems in combination with the IDENT-KEY rosettes (022167 / 022169). The block lock can be
connected to the evaluation units 022160.10 / 022160.20 / 022164 / 022200 or 022200.10.
The IDENT-KEY block lock receives the code of the corresponding key via the rosette. Internal
sensors continuously monitor the position of the the block lock bar or the block lock bolt.
The information collected during monitoring is converted into serial data in the integrated electronic
module and transferred to the evaluation unit. The locking process is only possible when a release
signal is active at the block lock.
No conversion work is required when the block lock shall be used as DIN left-handed or DIN right-
handed doors. The block lock can be extended from bolt length 25 mm to bolt length 100 mm with a
conversion kit. (see 4.4).
Mounting and Connection Instructions IK2 block lock




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