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Installation Of The Block Lock - Honeywell IDENT-KEY Mounting And Connection Instructions

Block lock
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Installation of the block lock

1. Cover the cylinder openings of the block lock with adhesive tape before starting the installation.
This prevents the penetration of foreign objects.
2. Drill corresponding recesses for block lock and profile semi-cylinder (use drilling pattern).
Make sure that there is enough space at the bottom side of the opening for the profile semi-
cylinder for laying the flat-band cable of the rosette.
Do not forget to drill the holes for the IDENT-KEY rosette.
3. Lay out block lock connecting cable in the door leaf.
* In this case it must be observed that there is enough cable length of the block
* Ensure that there is enough space for the installation of a reed contact in the
* Before the block lock is slid into the block lock sleeve the rosette has to be
connected to the block lock. The flat-band cable with plug must be passed
through the cylinder recess of the block lock sleeve towards the outside. Then
the flat plug must be plugged into the socket provided on the rear side of the
block lock.
To compensate for differences in
height between the rosette and the
locking cylinder it is possible to
mount one or several distance pieces
(022180 / 022182) between door leaf
and rosette.
Remove the nubs of the last distance
piece (towards the rosette) with a
4. Slide the block lock into the sleeve and fasten it.
* When fixing the block lock in the door make sure that the fixing screws do not
damage the connecting cable.
lock feed line behind the block lock.
This allows to take the block lock out of the sleeve in case of a fault.
upper door area when laying the block lock cable.
Mounting and Connection Instructions IK2 block lock
Observe the plug
direction of the
flat plug.




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