Hitachi CL 10SA Handling Instructions Manual

Hitachi CL 10SA Handling Instructions Manual

Stud cutter



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  • Page 2: General Operational Precautions

    Contact the store where 13. Do not overreach. Keep proper footing and balance at all times. you bought the unit or a Authorised Hitachi Servise 14. Maintain tools with care. Keep cutting tools sharp Center, and ask for checkup and/or repair. Use of the unit without checkup and repair can result in and clean for better and safer performance.
  • Page 3: Specifications

    2. Be sure to unplug the power cord from the 7. If the cutter has been attached in the wrong receptacle when the cutter is checked, cleaned, direction or the bolt for cutter attachment is loose, and replaced. Failure to do so can result in a this could cause damage to the cutter edge and serious injury.
  • Page 4: Prior To Operation

    2. Trimmer switching button until the switch is turned off. If you release your finger before the switch is turned Screw size off, there can be a case where the bracket (A) does M10 × 1.5 not stop immediately. M8 × 1.25 M6 ×...
  • Page 5: How To Use

    2 When using the W3/8" cutter 1. Normal cutting method No spacers are required. Check and confirm that (1) Lightly pull the trigger switch and move bracket (A), only the cutter is attached. stopping with the cutter in the open position shown For details, refer to the section on “Cutter life and in Fig.
  • Page 6 3. Cutting studs that are already secured 5. Using the hook When cutting studs that are suspended from the The hook can be used to hang up the unit temporarily ceiling or secured to walls or floors. during operations (Fig. 9). When inserting the stud in the cutter, the meshing CAUTION of the stud thread and cutter thread is unstable.
  • Page 7 (3) Before attaching CUTTER LIFE AND REPLACEMENT 1 There are four edges on the cutter. As shown in Fig. 14, by changing the position of the edge it is 1. Cutter life possible to use the blade four times. As is shown in Fig. 11, repeated cutting can cause breaking and warping of the cutter edge.
  • Page 8: Maintenance And Inspection

    (4) Attachment 1 When using an M6, M8 or M10 cutter Insert the cutter in the cutter attachment groove on the bracket, insert the special spacer between the cutter and the bracket and then use the hex. socket hd. bolt to tighten and secure. 2 When using the W3/8"...
  • Page 9 5. Service parts list CAUTION Repair, modification and inspection of Hitachi Power Tools must be carried out by an Hitachi Authorized Service Center. This Parts List will be helpful if presented with the tool to the Hitachi authorized Service Center when requesting repair or other maintenance.
  • Page 20 Code No. C99104931 N Printed in Japan...

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