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Specifications - Black & Decker BT1000 Instruction Manual

Black & decker 10" miter saw instruction manual
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630669-00,BT1000 manual


47 degree miter left and right
0 degree miter - Max. Height 3-1/2 inches - Max. Width 5-1/2 inches
45 degree miter Max. Height 3-1/2 inches Max. Width 3-7/8 inches
Bench Mounting
Bench mounting holes (8) are provided in all four feet to facilitate
bench mounting, as shown in Figure 1. (Two different sized holes are
provided to accommodate different sizes of screws. Use either hole, it
is not necessary to use both.) Always mount your saw firmly to
prevent movement. To enhance the tool's portability, it can be
mounted to a piece of 1/2" or thicker plywood which can then be
clamped to your work support or moved to other job sites and
NOTE: If you elect to mount your saw to a piece of plywood, make
sure that the mounting screws don't protrude from the bottom of the
wood. The plywood must sit flush on the work support. When
clamping the saw to any work surface, clamp only on the clamping
bosses where the mounting screw holes are located. Clamping at any
other point will interfere with the proper operation of the saw.
CAUTION: To prevent binding and inaccuracy, be sure the
mounting surface is not warped or otherwise uneven. If the saw rocks
on the surface, place a thin piece of material under one saw foot until
the saw sits firmly on the mounting surface.
If you have any questions, call 1-800-54-HOW-TO
8:11 AM
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Important Safety Instructions
Changing or Installing a New Saw Blade
•Never depress the spindle lock button while the blade is under power
or coasting.
•Do not cut ferrous metal (containing iron or steel) or masonry or fiber
cement product with this miter saw.
Removing the Blade
1. Unplug the saw.
2. Raise the arm to the upper position and raise the lower guard (2)
as far as possible.
3. Loosen, but do not remove guard bracket screw (figure 4) until the
bracket can be raised far enough to access the blade screw. Lower
guard will remain raised due to the position of the guard bracket
4. Depress the spindle lock button (15) while carefully rotating the
saw blade by hand until the lock engages.
5. Keeping the button depressed, use the other hand and the wrench
provided to loosen the blade screw as shown in figure 5. (Turn
clockwise, left-hand threads)
6. Remove the blade screw, outer clamp washer, and blade.
Installing a Blade
1. Unplug the saw.
2. With the arm raised, the lower guard held open and the pivot plate
raised, place the blade on the spindle, and against the inner clamp
washer with the teeth at the bottom of the blade pointing toward the
back of the saw.
3. Assemble the outer clamp washer onto the spindle.
4. Install the blade screw and, engaging the spindle lock, tighten the

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Table of Contents

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