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Troubleshooting - Sharp QW-DX41F47W User Manual

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The programme does
not start.
Water remains inside
the machine.
Machine stops during
Shaking and hitting
noises are heard during
a wash operation.
Partial food wastes
remain on the dishes.
Your Dishwasher is not plugged in.
Your Dishwasher is not switched on.
Fuse blown.
Water inlet tap is closed.
Your Dishwasher door is open.
Water inlet hose and machine filters
are clogged.
Water drain hose is clogged or
The filters are clogged.
The programme is not finished yet.
Power failure.
Water inlet failure.
The spray arm is hitting the dishes in
the lower basket.
Dishes placed incorrectly, sprayed
water not reaching affected dishes.
Dishes leaning against each other.
Not enough detergent used.
Wrong wash programme selected.
Spray arms clogged with food waste.
Filters or water drain pump clogged
or filter misplaced.
EN - 18
Plug your Dishwasher in.
Switch your Dishwasher on by pressing the
On/Off button.
Check your indoor fuses.
Turn on the water inlet tap.
Close the Dishwasher door.
Check the water inlet hose and machine
filters and make sure they are not clogged.
Check the drain hose, then either clean or
untwist it.
Clean the filters.
Wait until the programme is finished.
Check mains power.
Check water tap.
Move or remove items blocking the spray
Do not overload baskets.
Place dishes as instructed in the section on
loading your dishwasher.
Use the correct amount of detergent, as
instructed in the programme table.
Use the information in the programme table
to select the most appropriate programme.
Clean the holes in the spray arms with thin
Check the drain hose and filters are
correctly fitted.

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