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Loading Your Dishwasher; Recommendations - Sharp QW-DX41F47W User Manual

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For best results, follow these loading
We recommend that you place large items
(pots, pans, lids, plates and bowls) which
are heavily soiled in the lower basket.
The upper basket is designed for delicate
and lighter dishware such as glasses,
coffee and tea cups and saucers. Position
the dishes so that they will not get moved
by the spray of water.
Cutlery should be placed in the cutlery
basket. Items should be loaded individually
into the appropriate slots with their handles
downwards. Long utensils should be placed
horizontally on the baskets.
WARNING: Take care not to obstruct
the rotation of spray arms.

5.1. Recommendations

Remove any coarse residue on dishes
before placing the dishes in the machine.
Start the machine with full load.
Do not overload the drawers or place
dishes in the wrong basket.
WARNING: Always place sharp
utensils with the sharp point down and open
utensils with their openings down.
Upper Basket
Height adjustment
Turn the Rail Stop Clips, at the ends of the
rails, to the sides to open them (as shown in
the image below), then pull out and remove
the basket. Change the position of the
wheels, then reinstall the basket to the rail,
making sure to close the Rail Stop Clips.
When the upper basket is in the higher
position, large items such as pans can be
placed on the lower basket.
Height Adjustable Rack
The height adjustable racks enable glasses
and cups to be placed on or under the
racks. The racks can be adjusted to 2
different heights. Cutlery and utensils can
also be placed on the racks horizontally.
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