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Sharp QW-DX41F47W User Manual page 7

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• it for other purposes. Commercial use will void the
Do not stand, sit or place loads on the open door of
the dishwasher.
Only use detergents and rinse aids produced
specifically for dishwashers. Our company is not
responsible for any damage that may occur due to
Do not drink water from the machine.
Due to the danger of explosion, do not place any
chemical dissolving agents into the machine's washing
• Check the heat-resistance of plastic items before
washing them in the machine.
Only put items in the machine which are suitable for
dishwashing, and take care not to overfill the baskets.
Do not open the door while the machine is in
operation, hot water may spill out. Safety devices
ensure the machine stops if the door is opened.
The machine door should not be left open. It may
cause accidents.
Place knives and other sharp objects in the cutlery
basket in a blade-down position.
In the case of a malfunction, repair should only
be performed by an authorised service company,
otherwise the warranty will be void.
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