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Installation; Machine Positioning; Water Connection; Water Inlet Hose - Sharp QW-DX41F47W User Manual

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2.1. Machine positioning

When positioning the machine, place it in
an area where dishes can be easily loaded
and unloaded. Do not put the machine in an
area where the ambient temperature falls
below 0°C.
Read all warnings located on the packaging
before removing the packaging and
positioning the machine.
Place the machine close to a water tap
and drain. Take into consideration that the
connections will not be altered once the
machine is in position.
Do not hold the machine by its door or
Leave an adequate distance around the
machine to allow ease of movement when
Ensure the water inlet and outlet
hoses are not squeezed or trapped and that
the machine does not stand on the electrical
cable while positioning.
Adjust the feet so the machine is level and
balanced. The machine should be placed
on flat ground otherwise it will be unstable
and the door of the machine will not close

2.2. Water connection

We recommend fitting a filter to your water
inlet supply in order to prevent damage to
your machine due to contamination (sand,
rust, etc.) from indoor plumbing. This will
also help prevent yellowing and deposit
formation after washing.

2.3. Water inlet hose

WARNING: Use the new water inlet
hose supplied with your machine, do not
use an old machine's hose.
WARNING: Run water through the
new hose before connecting.
WARNING: Connect the hose directly
to the water inlet tap. The pressure
supplied by the tap should be a minimum
of 0.03 MPa and a maximum of 1 MPa. If
the pressure exceeds 1 MPa, a pressure
relief valve must be fitted between the
WARNING: After the connections are
made, turn the tap on fully and check
for water leaks. Always turn off the
water inlet tap after a wash program has
An Aquastop water spout is available
with some models. Do not damage it or
allow it to become kinked or twisted.

2.4. Drain Hose

Connect the water drain hose directly to
the water drain hole or to the sink outlet spigot.
This connection should be minimum 50 cm
and maximum 110 cm from the floor.
IMPORTANT: Items will not wash
properly if a drain hose longer than 4 m is
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