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The Control Panel; Changing A Programme - Sharp QW-DX41F47W User Manual

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Press the Power On/Off button (1), the End
Of Programme Indicator (8) will illuminate.
Select the programme most suitable for
your dishes using the Programme Selection
button (3). The programme display (2)
shows the programme durations and
the time remaining of the programme in
The selected programme will show on the
Programme Display (2) and the End Of
Programme Indicator will switch off.
The programme will start automatically
when the door is closed.
NOTE: Press the Tablet Detergent
button (5) when using a combined
detergent that contains salt and rinse aid.
NOTE: Press the Prewash button (6)
to improve washing performance. The
temperature and washing duration of some
programmes will change.
NOTE: Press the Prewash button then
the Start/Pause button to start the Prewash
programme. When a programme is not
compatible with the Prewash programme, a
buzzer will sound.
NOTE: If an extra feature has been
used on the most recent wash programme,
this feature will remain active on the next
selected programme. To cancel this feature
on the newly selected wash programme,
press the feature button until the light on
the button switches off.
NOTE: Press the Half Load button
(7) to select the area of the dishwasher
containing dishes to be washed. You can
select both baskets, the upper basket
only, or the lower basket only. Press the
button until the light corresponding to the
basket containing the dishes to be washed
illuminates. Dishes in other areas will not
be washed. If a programme is incompatible
with the Half Load function, a buzzer will
NOTE: If you decide not to start the
selected programme, please see the
"Changing a Programme" and "Cancelling a
Programme" sections.
NOTE: When there is insufficient
softening salt, the Salt Lack Warning
Indicator (8) will illuminate to indicate the
salt chamber needs filling.
NOTE: When there is insufficient rinse
aid, the Rinse Aid Lack Warning Indicator
(8) will illuminate to indicate the rinse aid
chamber needs filling.
Delaying a Programme
Press the Delay button (4) to delay the start
time of a programme for 1 hour up to 19
hours. Pressing the button once will delay
the start time for 1 hour, and continuing
to press will increase the delay time. The
programme can be selected first and the
delay duration after, or vice versa. Press
the Delay Timer button to change or cancel
the delayed start time.

7.1. Changing a Programme

Follow the steps below to change a
programme while in operation.
Open the door and press the
Programme Selection button to
select a new programme.
After closing the door, the new
programme will resume the course
NOTE: Open the door slightly at first to
stop a programme before it is complete in
order to avoid water spillage.
EN - 15
of the old programme.

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