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Alternative Basket Loads - Sharp QW-DX41F47W User Manual

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5.2. Alternative basket loads

Lower basket
Upper basket
Incorrect loads
Unsuitable items for dishwashing
Cigarette ashes, candle leftovers,
polish, paint, chemical substances, iron-
alloy materials.
Forks, spoons and knives with wooden,
bone, ivory or nacrecoated handles;
glued items, items soiled with abrasive,
acidic or base chemicals.
Temperature-sensitive plastics, copper
or tincoated containers.
Aluminium and silver objects.
Some delicate glasses, ornamental
printed porcelains; some crystal items,
adhered cutlery, lead crystal glasses,
cutting boards, synthetic fibred items.
Absorbent items such as sponges.
IMPORTANT: In future, purchase
dishwasher-proof kitchenware.
Important Note for Test Laboratories
For detailed information required for tests
according to EN normatives and a softcopy
of the manual, please send the model name
and serial number to the following address:
EN - 13

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