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Connect Vent; Level Dryer - Kenmore 110.70012 Series Use & Care Manual

Coin-operated commercial gas dryer
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Open shut-off valve
Closed valve
Open shut-off valve in supply line; valve is open when handle
is parallel to gas pipe. Then, test all connections by brushing
on an approved noncorrosive leak-detection solution. Bubbles
will show a leak. Correct any leaks found.

Connect Vent

Connect vent to exhaust outlet
Using a 4" (102 mm) clamp, connect vent to exhaust outlet
in dryer. If connecting to existing vent, make sure vent is
clean. Dryer vent must fit over dryer exhaust outlet and inside
exhaust hood. Check that vent is secured to exhaust hood with
a 4" (102 mm) clamp.
Move dryer to final location
Move dryer to final location. Avoid crushing or kinking vent.
After dryer is in place, remove corner posts and cardboard
from under the dryer.
Open valve
Check levelness of dryer from side to side. Repeat from
front to back.
NOTE: The dryer must be level for the moisture sensing system
to operate correctly.
If dryer is not level, prop up using a wood block, use wrench
to adjust legs up or down, and check again for levelness.
Once legs are level, make sure all four legs are snug against
the ground before tightening them.

Level Dryer

Level dryer
Not Level
Tighten and adjust leveling legs
Not Level



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