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Final Checkout; Panel Operation - Honeywell BCS 3600 Operating Instructions Manual

Burner control system.
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c Enter the service password using the keypad on the HMI.
d Enter the amount of time needed to complete the purge cycle,
in seconds, into the purge timer window by selecting the PURGE
TIMER field and entering the time using the keypad on the HMI.
e If the control motor needs to be open during the purge cycle turn
on the HIGH FIRe PURGe by touch the switch symbol.
f Push the MAIN soft key to exit the SERVICE screen.
– Before igniting the burner, the dryer must be purged to remove
possible accumulation of combustible gases. A minimum of
four complete air changes must be supplied. Multiply the total
system volume (dryer, baghouse and exhaust ducts) in cubic
feet by four. Divide this value by the low fire air flow in cubic
feet per minute. The result will be the required purge time in
2 Perform the fuel motor calibration procedure described in page
5 (Control motor slidewire calibration).
➔ Recalibrate annually or whenever a control motor is serviced or
3 Verify that all low fire limit switch contacts are closed when the
burner is at 0% and open when the burner leaves low fire. Ref-
erence the burner operating instructions for switch adjustment.
4 Verify that all purge permissive contacts are closed after the burn-
er control motor drives open for purge (Sealed-in burners only).


1 Ensure sure that all equipment and components have been in-
stalled in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
2 Verify all wiring and tighten connections.
3 Confirm all linkage adjustments and insure that control arms and
linkage rods are tight.
4 Clean all traps and filters.
5 Check all fuel and air supply lines for leaks.
6 Verify all pressure settings.

PAneL oPeRAtIon

1 Open applicable manual shutoff valves to supply air and fuel to
the system.
2 Twist to release the EMERGENCY STOP button and verify that
the FUEL selector switch is in the desired position.
a The Temperature Controller, High Temperature Limit and flame
relay will perform their self-test procedures.
b The burner control motor will drive to its low fire position.
c The RESET indicator will come on.
d A "BURNER STOPPED" message will appear
3 Start the combustion air and exhaust fans and all other equipment
required for plant operation. After all safety limits have closed, a
"PRESS RESET TO START PURGE" message will appear.
4 Place the control MODE selector in the desired position and
verify setpoints of both the Temperature Controller and High Tem-
perature Limit(s).
5 Momentarily press the RESET button to initiate the system purge
a Run Relay, CR102, will be energized.
b The RESET indicator will go out.
c If HIGH FIRE PURGE was setup in the SERVICE screen the burn-
er control motor will drive open to prepare for system purge and
a "WAITING FOR PURGE LIMITS" message may appear (Sealed-
in burners only).
6 Provided that all purge permissive contacts are closed:
a The Purge Timer will begin its timed delay, and a "PURGING ...
SECONDS" message will appear.
7 After the purge delay, has been completed:
a The PURGE COMPLETE relay, CR228, will be energized.
b The burner control motor will drive closed to prepare for pilot
ignition (Sealed-in burners only).
c A "WAITING FOR LOW FIRE LIMITS" message may appear.
8 When the motor has reached its low fire start position and the
burner low fire limit switches have closed:
a "READY to START" will be displayed.
b The START pushbutton will flash indicating that the burner is ready
to start.
9 Momentarily press the START pushbutton to begin the burner
ignition sequence


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