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Udc3200 Series Controller - Honeywell BCS 3600 Operating Instructions Manual

Burner control system.
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Motor calibration
4 Select the MTR_CA soft key on the HMI, this will enable the
burner control motor to be driven by the Honeywell Temperature
Controller without having to fire the burner.
5 Enter the calibration mode on the Temperature Controller by
pressing the [SETUP] key until the display reads CALIB POSITION.
6 Press the [FUNCTION] key to display DISABLE POS PROP then
press the ▲ key to change the upper display DO AUTO.
7 Press [FUNCTION] to begin motor calibration. The lower display
will read ZERO VAL while the upper display will show the slidewire
feedback value.
8 Wait for the zero value to stop changing and confirm that the
motor is in its low fire position then press [FUNCTION] again to
advance to SPAN VAL. The control motor will drive open and the
upper display value should increase. If it is necessary to reverse
control motor operation, interchange 2 and 3 and 7 and 8 on the
control motor terminal strip.
9 After the feedback value, has stopped increasing, confirm that
the motor has reached its high fire position then press [FUNCTION]
followed by [LOWER DISPLAY] to complete the calibration se-
10 Once the motor calibration is completed turn off the calibration
mode by selecting the MTR_CA soft key again.

UDC3200 seRIes ContRoLLeR

➔ The Honeywell UDC3200 series controller has been configured
at the factory with parameters which generally produce accurate
temperature control.
➔ Before making any field adjustments, other then as noted in this
instruction sheet, please contact the Hauck service department.
operator Interface
➔ This section describes the function of the various displays and keys
➔ Examples are given for changing the controller setpoint and op-
erating the burner in MANUAL.
➔ Detailed information is given in the vendor literature supplied with
the control panel.
Head 1
SP 3200
Head 2
Upper display with 4 larger
digits shows Process Variabble
value (normal operation) and
special annunciator features.
During Configuration, the
upper display provides
guidance for the operator
through prompts (7 -
During normal operation, the
lower display shows key-
selected operation parameters
such as Output, Setpoints,
Inputs, Deviation, active
Tuniung Parameter Set, Timer
Status, or minutes remaining in
a setpoint ramp (4 digits).
During configuration, the lower
display provides guidance for
the operator through prompts.
Indicated alarm 1 and/or alarm
2 conditions exists.
Indicates digital input 1 and/or
2 on.


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