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Receiving And Inspection; Installation; Adjustment - Honeywell BCS 3600 Operating Instructions Manual

Burner control system.
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The limit contact of the High Temp Limit instrument is used to shut
down the burner if the preset high temperature limit is exceeded.
An alarm contact is also used to alert the Operator when the stack
temperature nears the limit setting. Refer to HIGH TEMPERATURE
LIMIT for entering the desired alarm setpoints.
High temperature limits will not prevent baghouse fires. They will,
when properly installed and adjusted shut off the burner when the
limit's temperature setpoint is exceeded. Outside factors such as
chemicals, bag contamination or other ignition sources are beyond
the control of the burner management system.
– The HIGH TEMP LIMIT setpoint is factory set at 400°F
(204 °C). If the system is equipped with a fabric dust collector
(baghouse), consult the manufacturer for recommended
baghouse temperature limitations.
Part designations
1 UDC3200 Temperature Controller
2 High Temperature Limit
3 Human Machine Interface (HMI) Screens

ReCeIVInG AnD InsPeCtIon

Upon receipt, check each item on the bill of lading and/or invoice to
determine that all equipment has been received. Examine all parts to
determine if there has been any damage in shipment. If equipment is
to be stored prior to installation, provide a dry storage area.


➔ For optimum use of the BCS panel, it is suggested that the draw-
ings provided by Hauck be referred to for limit switch and valve
installation and wiring. In the event that a recommended switch or
valve is not used, it may be necessary to connect jumper wire(s)
between appropriate terminals in the control panel or burner
junction box. Such determination remains the responsibility of the
Customer, based upon his application, accepted safe installation
and operating procedures, and any applicable insurance guidelines
or governmental regulations.
➔ Locate the tabletop panel on a firm support in an area that is
protected from the weather and free from vibration. The drop-in
version is designed to install in an existing enclosure. Reference
the panel assembly drawings for mounting dimensions and re-
quired cutouts.
– Operating specifications of 32 to 130°F (0 to 54 °C), 30 to
95% relative humidity (non-condensing) should be considered
in selecting a suitable location for the control panel.
1 Provide 120Vac single phase grounded neutral power to the
burner control panel. It is recommended that the customer provide
a master disconnect switch to interrupt power service to the
panel. Maintain polarity as indicated on the drawings provided
when connecting the main power source to the panel.
2 Install a heavy gauge (No. 12 AWG minimum) ground wire between
the panel ground connector and "Earth" ground.
– A ground wire is also required between the burner junction
box and the control panel terminal strip.
3 Determine the burner control motor type and install one of the
following jumpers:
a. From fuse 5 to Ground for a sinking type motor, Barber-Cole-
man EA57 medium torque.
b. From fuse 5 to 7A for a sourcing type motor, Barber-Coleman
EA71 or EA73 high torque.
➔ If the burner control motor needs to be driven open until purge
time is completed the control needs to be configured. See page
2 (Adjustment) for instructions.
4 Wire the fuel valves, valve position limit switches and fuel pressure
limit switches as shown on the external component wiring diagram.
5 Install the exhaust fan flow limit switch in the dryer exhaust duct
as shown in page 9 (Exhaust Fan Flow Limit Switch Installa-
tion) . Wire the normally open contact of the exhaust flow limit to
the appropriate terminals in either the burner junction box or the
BCS control panel.
6 Install a limit switch on the exhaust damper set to close when the
damper is greater than 50% open.
7 Install the stack temperature thermocouple in the dryer exhaust
duct to sense exhaust gas temperature. See page 10 (Stack
Thermocouple Installation) for installation instructions.
8 Install a Hauck Rapid Response material temperature thermo-
couple in the material discharge chute to sense the temperature
of the material leaving the dryer. See page 11 (Material ther-
mocouple installation) for recommended installation.
9 Connect the thermocouples to the appropriate terminals in the
BCS control panel using thermocouple cable of the same type
as the Material and Stack thermocouples.
10 Install the pilot (if applicable) and main flame scanner(s) on the
burner and wire them to the appropriate terminals in the burner
junction box. Reference burner instructions for scanner installation
11 Refer to the external component wiring diagram for interconnec-
tion between the burner junction box and the BCS panel terminal


1 Set the purge timer for the required purge time and whether the
control motor needs to be open during the purge cycle.
a With the control power ON push the F4 (SETUP) button on the
b Push the seRVICe button on the HMI screen.


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