Miele PDR 908 HP Marine Operating And Installation Instructions
Miele PDR 908 HP Marine Operating And Installation Instructions

Miele PDR 908 HP Marine Operating And Installation Instructions

Heat-pump dryer
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Operating and installation instructions
Heat-pump dryer
Always read the operating instructions before setting up, installing and
commissioning the appliance. This prevents both personal injury and
damage to the appliance.
M.-Nr. 11 257 550


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Miele PDR 908 HP Marine

  • Page 1 Operating and installation instructions Heat-pump dryer Always read the operating instructions before setting up, installing and commissioning the appliance. This prevents both personal injury and damage to the appliance. en-GB M.-Nr. 11 257 550...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Caring for the environment .................  7 Warning and Safety instructions .................  8 Operating the tumble dryer ................ 19 Fascia panel ......................19 Sensors and touch display with sensors............... 20 Main menu......................20 Examples of how to operate the appliance............21 Operating a launderette machine ................
  • Page 3 Contents Programme overview .................. 36 Label........................36 Programme packages ................... 37 Standard........................ 37 Sport........................40 Soft furnishings ..................... 42 Hygiene ......................... 43 WetCare......................... 44 Flatwork......................... 44 Special programmes ..................... 45 Changing the programme sequence .............. 46 Changing a programme once it has started............46 Cancelling a programme ..................
  • Page 4 Contents Cleaning the bottom right grille/heat exchanger ........... 64 Removing the grille................... 64 Cleaning the cooling fins .................. 65 Replacing the grille................... 65 Cleaning the tumble dryer ..................66 Problem solving guide .................. 67 The display indicates the following messages or faults ........67 Unsatisfactory drying results.................
  • Page 5 Contents Supervisor level .................... 86 Accessing supervisor level ..................86 Access via code ....................86 Change code ......................86 Closing the settings menu..................86 Controls / Display ....................86 Language......................86 Language entry ....................87 Set languages....................87 Display brightness.................... 87 Clock display....................
  • Page 6 Contents External applications ..................... 98 Peak load signal ....................98 Peak load prevention..................98 COM module selection..................98 WiFi........................98 Network time ....................99 Remote ......................99 Remote Update ....................99 SmartGrid ....................... 100 Machine parameters.................... 101 Legal information.................... 101 Payment system ....................
  • Page 7: Caring For The Environment

    / recycling centre for electrical and electronic ap- pliances, or contact your dealer or Miele for advice. You are also respons- ible for deleting any personal data that may be stored on the appliance being disposed of. Please ensure that your old appliance poses no risk to children while being stored prior to disposal.
  • Page 8: Warning And Safety Instructions

    If using, do so at your own risk, and follow the in- structions provided on the packaging. Any other applications may be dangerous. Miele cannot be held liable for damage resulting from in- correct or improper use or operation.
  • Page 9 Extension leads are a fire hazard and do not guar- antee the required safety of the tumble dryer.  If the electrical connection cable is faulty it must always be re- placed by a Miele authorised service technician to protect the user from danger.
  • Page 10 It is essential that this standard safety re- quirement is met. If in any doubt, please have the on-site wiring sys- tem inspected by a qualified electrician. Miele cannot be held liable for the consequences of an inadequate earthing system (e.g. electric shock).
  • Page 11 Warning and Safety instructions  Faulty components must only be replaced by genuine Miele ori- ginal spare parts. The manufacturer can only guarantee the safety of the appliance when Miele replacement parts are used.  To ensure the correct performance of the tumble dryer and to pre- vent the risk of faults and fire, it is important to carry out mainten- ance on a regular basis.
  • Page 12 It is not suitable for room lighting. Replacement lamps may only be fitted by a Miele authorised person or by Miele Service.  Information on the heat pump and refrigerant –...
  • Page 13 Warning and Safety instructions – children climbing onto or into the dryer or hiding things in it. – pets or other small animals climbing into it.  Do not use a pressure washer or hose to clean the tumble dryer. ...
  • Page 14 Warning and Safety instructions  To ensure problem-free operation: – After every cycle remove the fluff from the surfaces of the fluff fil- ters. – The fluff filters and the fine filters must be thoroughly dried after wet cleaning. Do not replace them if they are damp or wet. Damp or wet filters could cause operational faults.
  • Page 15 Warning and Safety instructions  To prevent the risk of fire, the following textiles must not be dried in this tumble dryer: – items which have not been washed. – Items, such as workwear, which have not been thoroughly cleaned and which are still soiled with grease, oil or other depos- its (such as cosmetics, lotions etc).
  • Page 16 (e.g. a timer or a peak-load switch-off device). The tumble dryer may only be operated with a peak-load device if this is connected to the tumble dryer via the Miele XCI box and the relevant settings have been configured on the tumble dryer.
  • Page 17 Do not store containers of these agents near the tumble dryer. Using a fragrance flacon (optional accessory)  Only ever use original Miele fragrance flacons.  The fragrance flacon must be stored in its packaging so please make sure you retain this.
  • Page 18  Only use genuine Miele original spare parts and accessories with this appliance. If spare parts or accessories from other manufactur- ers are used, this will invalidate the guarantee, and Miele cannot ac- cept liability.  The tumble dryer can also be combined with a Miele washing ma- chine in a washer-dryer stack.
  • Page 19: Operating The Tumble Dryer

    Operating the tumble dryer Fascia panel a Language sensor e Optical interface For selecting the current user lan- For service technicians. guage. f Button  The operating language is displayed For switching the tumble dryer on again at the end of the programme. and off.
  • Page 20: Sensors And Touch Display With Sensors

    Operating the tumble dryer Sensors and touch display with Main menu sensors After switching on the tumble dryer, the main menu will appear in the display. The sensors ,  and Start/Stop and the sensors in the display respond You can access all the important sub- to finger tip contact.
  • Page 21: Examples Of How To Operate The Appliance

    Operating the tumble dryer Extras menu (multiple choice) Examples of how to operate the appliance  Extras 11:02 Option lists  Gentle tumble Programme menu (single option list)  Programmes 11:02  Anti-crease Cottons Express Shirts Touch one or several Extras to select it/ Minimum iron Delicates Denim...
  • Page 22 Operating the tumble dryer   11:02 Status Tip: For some settings, depending on the value range and increments, the value can also be set using a numerical  keypad. Briefly touching a number will 2:27 Time left bring up the numerical keypad. Once a Drying Cottons valid number has been entered, the...
  • Page 23: Operating A Launderette Machine

    Operating the tumble dryer Symbols on the display Operating a launderette ma- chine Drying levels The entry menu will vary depending on  Extra dry the programming status (see “Con-  Normal plus trols” under “Supervisor level”).  Normal Shortcuts are the easiest way to oper- ...
  • Page 24: Initial Commissioning

    Some of the settings can only be configured during the initial commissioning pro- cess. After that, they must be changed by Miele Service. These settings are also described under “Supervisor level”.
  • Page 25: Reference To External Appliances

    Initial commissioning Reference to external appli- Setting the date ances Date A reference to external hardware ap- 2021 pears. June 2020  Confirm with the July 2019  sensor. Before initial commissioning, connect August 2018 the XCI box or slide a communication September module into the slot on the back of the tumble dryer.
  • Page 26: Selecting Programme Packages

    Initial commissioning Confirm time request Selecting programme pack- ages The following question appears in the display: You can select various programmes from the programme packages. Should the clock display not be shown? Any programmes already active are  Touch the  sensor.
  • Page 27: Completing Commissioning

    Basket - Low commissioning process, please contact Microfibre cool air temperature Miele Service. If you do not wish to set up a payment system, you can skip this stage.  Select the Timed drying cool air pro- gramme. Payment system 11:02 ...
  • Page 28: Notes On Correct Laundry Care

    1. Notes on correct laundry care – Sew in or remove underwiring from Washing bras. – Heavily soiled laundry must be washed particularly thoroughly. Use Understanding the care label sufficient detergent and select a high symbols temperature. If in doubt, wash the items several times.
  • Page 29: Load The Tumble Dryer

    2. Load the tumble dryer Loading the laundry Socket for the fragrance flacon Preventing textile damage. The “Fragrance flacon” chapter de- scribes how to use the fragrance Before loading, read chapter “1. flacon. Notes on correct laundry care.” If you are not using a fragrance flacon: push the tab down completely (see ar- row) so that the socket is closed.
  • Page 30: Selecting A Programme

    3. Selecting a programme Switch on the tumble dryer Alternatively, you can select a pro- gramme via:  Favourites*.  Press the  control. * The preset programmes under The drum lighting will come on. cannot be changed. vourites The drum lighting will automatically go ...
  • Page 31: Selecting Programme Settings

    De- * The time frame for the selected pro- pending on the programme, you can gramme duration can be limited by select different drying levels. Miele Service.  Overview 11:02 – Timed drying warm air = 0:20–...
  • Page 32: Selecting Extra Options

    4. Selecting programme settings Anti-crease Selecting extra options After the programme has finished, the The drying programmes can be aug- drum will continue to rotate in a certain mented with various extra options. rhythm, depending on the selected pro- gramme. This helps to prevent creasing ...
  • Page 33: Starting The Programme

    5. Starting the programme Payment systems Programme duration/Estim- ated time remaining Tip: If your machine is connected to a payment system, the amount of pay- The programme duration depends on ment required will appear in the display. the quantity of laundry, the type of fab- ric and the residual moisture in the Once the programme has started, do laundry or also the water hardness.
  • Page 34: End Of Programme - Unloading The Drum

    6. End of programme – unloading the drum End of programme Unloading the drum The laundry will be cooled down shortly before the end of the programme. The laundry can be unloaded. – Finish lights up If Anti-crease * was selected, the drum will rotate in intervals.
  • Page 35: Timer

    Timer The door will lock and the time until the The Delay start must be activated in programme starts will appear in the dis- the Supervisor level so that the timer play. can be selected. Before the programme starts, the After the programme has started, the Timer can be used to select a pro- selected delay start period can only be...
  • Page 36: Programme Overview

    Programme overview All weights marked with * are based on the weight of dry laundry. Label Cottons Eco maximum 8 kg* Items Cotton items such as those described under Cottons Normal with normal residual moisture. Note – Items are dried to a Normal level only in this programme. –...
  • Page 37: Programme Packages

    Programme overview Programme packages You can select various programmes from the programme packages. The pro- grammes will appear in the programme list. Standard Cottons maximum 8 kg* Extra dry, Normal plus, Normal Items – Single and multi-layered cotton items. – Towelling, T-shirts, underwear, jersey bed linen, baby clothes. –...
  • Page 38 Programme overview Delicates Max. load 4 kg* Normal plus, Normal, Hand iron plus Use for – Delicate synthetic, cotton or mixed fibre fabrics. – Lightweight pullovers, dresses, trousers, overalls, table cloths, shirts and blouses. – Lingerie and appliquéd fabrics. Note Less creasing occurs in this programme. Reducing the load will reduce creasing even further.
  • Page 39 Programme overview Towelling Max. load 8 kg* Use for Large quantities of single-layered and multi-layered towelling items. These include, for example, towels, bath robes, face flannels, flannel bed linen. Note Items are dried to a Normal plus level only in this programme. Gentle smoothing maximum 1 kg* Normal, Hand iron plus...
  • Page 40: Sport

    Note – These programmes may only be used with the Miele dryer basket (optional accessory). – Select Basket Low temperature for temperature-sensitive items.
  • Page 41 Programme overview Sportswear Max. load 3 kg* Use for Sportswear that is suitable for drying in a tumble dryer. Note Items are dried to a Normal level only in this programme. Outerwear Max. load 2.5 kg* Normal, Hand iron plus Use for Outerwear which is suitable for tumble drying.
  • Page 42: Soft Furnishings

    Programme overview Soft furnishings Down bedding Max. load 2 kg* Use for Bedding suitable for tumble drying (duvets or pillows filled with down or feathers). Note Items are dried to a Normal level only in this programme. Feathers have a tendency of developing a strong odour when they are warm.
  • Page 43: Hygiene

    Programme overview Hygiene In the hygiene programmes, items will be dried with a temperature that is con- stant over an extended period (longer temperature holding time). This kills off micro-organisms such as germs or dust mites and reduces allergens in the laundry.
  • Page 44: Wetcare

    Programme overview WetCare WetCare Sensitive maximum 2.5 kg* Items Non-washable outerwear Note The garment is briefly dried and fluffed up WetCare Silks maximum 2.5 kg* Normal, Hand iron plus, Hand iron Items Non-washable silk garments which crease easily WetCare Intensive maximum 2.5 kg* Normal plus, Normal, Hand iron plus, Hand iron, Machine iron Items Washable outerwear Flatwork Cottons 40 % residual moisture...
  • Page 45: Special Programmes

    Programme overview Special programmes – You can put together five special pro- grammes and assign your own pro- – gramme names. Enter these into the – tables. – Load: maximum 8 kg (weight of dry items) – – Example – [Special programme 1] Dry+ Res.
  • Page 46: Changing The Programme Sequence

    You could burn yourself. * Either during the commissioning pro- Let the laundry cool down and re- cess or subsequently, a Miele service move it carefully. technician can reset the payment sys- tem so that programming changes can ...
  • Page 47: Fragrance Flacon

    Fragrance flacon Inserting a fragrance flacon The fragrance flacon is inserted in the upper fluff filter. The socket is next to Fragrance flacons (optional accessor- the recessed grip. ies) can be used to give your laundry a pleasant scent. If you are not using a fragrance flacon, the cover to the unused ...
  • Page 48 Fragrance flacon  Insert the fragrance flacon as far it will  Turn the outer ring  clockwise a go into the socket. little. The fragrance flacon may slip out. Turn the outer ring in such a way that the markers  and  line up. The markers ...
  • Page 49: Opening The Fragrance Flacon

    Fragrance flacon Opening the fragrance flacon Closing the fragrance flacon Before drying, you can select the in- After drying, the fragrance flacon should tensity of the fragrance. be closed to prevent the fragrance from escaping needlessly.  Turn the outer ring clockwise: the fur- ...
  • Page 50: Removing/Replacing The Fragrance Flacon

    – Always store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Fragrance flacons are available to or- der from Miele or online. – When purchasing new fragrance flac- ons, only remove the protective seal just before use.
  • Page 51: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care 1. Cleaning intervals for fluff filters Observe the cleaning intervals The fluff filters are located in the filling This tumble dryer is equipped with a area of the dryer drum. multi-stage filter system, which con- sists of a fluff filter (1.) and a filter in the plinth (2.).
  • Page 52: Cleaning Intervals For The Plinth Filter

    Cleaning and care 2. Cleaning intervals for the plinth fil-  Damage caused by insufficient cleaning or by operation with a worn, The filter (in the plinth) is located behind damaged filter in the plinth. the fluff filter flap on the bottom left. There is insufficient flow of air and heat in the heat exchanger due to clogging.
  • Page 53: Cleaning Interval For Grille On Bottom Right/Heat Exchanger For Dissipating Heat

    Cleaning and care 3. Cleaning interval for grille on bot- tom right/heat exchanger for dissip- ating heat Clean when Open bottom right grille, appears in clean the heat exchanger the display. The grille on the bottom right can be re- moved.
  • Page 54: Cleaning The Fluff Filters

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the fluff filters This tumble dryer has 2 fluff filters in the loading area. The upper and lower fluff filters trap fluff produced during the drying process. Removing the fragrance flacon The intensity of the fragrance will be di- minished if the fluff filters and the plinth filter are not cleaned.
  • Page 55: Cleaning The Fluff Filters And Air Flow Openings Thoroughly

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the fluff filters and air flow openings thoroughly If the drying duration has become longer or the surface of the filters is visibly compacted with fluff, you should carry out the following cleaning procedure. Cleaning the fluff filters while dry ...
  • Page 56 Cleaning and care  Push the lower fluff filter in com- pletely and lock it with the yellow dial.  Push the upper fluff filter all the way  Close the door.
  • Page 57: Filter In The Plinth

    Cleaning and care Filter in the plinth The fluff filter in the plinth collects finer fluff, hair and detergent residues that have got through the surfaces of the fluff filters. Removing the fluff filter  Pull the fluff filter out at an angle. ...
  • Page 58: Cleaning The Fluff Filter With Water

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the fluff filter with water Replacing the plinth filter  Clean the filter thoroughly under run-  Filter wear caused by continuous ning water. tumble dryer use.  Squeeze the filter very carefully sev- If the tumble dryer is in continuous eral times as you rinse it.
  • Page 59 Cleaning and care Deformation White residues or residues of other col- ours Deformations indicate that the filter has become blocked and worn by continu- Residues arise from laundry fibres and ous use. traces of detergent components which Cracks, tears, indentations can clog the filter.
  • Page 60: Cleaning The Filter Insert (In The Plinth)

    Cleaning and care Removing the filter insert Cleaning the filter insert (in the plinth) If the filter insert is clogged up and soiled, it must be removed and cleaned The surface of the filter in the filter in- under running water. sert is visible after removing the fluff fil- ter in the plinth.
  • Page 61: Check The Cooling Fins On The Heat Exchanger

    Cleaning and care Check the cooling fins on the heat exchanger  Danger of injury if you touch the cooling fins. You could cut yourself. Do not touch the cooling fins with your hands. After removing the filter insert, visually check the cooling fins on the heat ex- changer.
  • Page 62: Refitting The Filter Insert (In The Plinth)

    Cleaning and care Refitting the filter insert (in the plinth)  Press the frame of the filter insert in at the positions marked PUSH until it  Use the handle to slide the filter in- audibly engages. sert to the right at an angle behind the edge.
  • Page 63: Cleaning And Closing The Fluff Filter Flap

    Cleaning and care Cleaning and closing the fluff filter flap  Use the handle to slide the fluff filter on the right at an angle behind the edge.  Use a damp cloth to remove any fluff. Make sure that you do not damage the rubber seal when doing this.
  • Page 64: Cleaning The Bottom Right Grille/Heat Exchanger

    Cleaning and care  Open the grille from left to right and Cleaning the bottom right pull it off at an angle to the front. grille/heat exchanger The heat exchanger's cooling fins be- hind the grille can become blocked with dust and dirt drawn in from the surrounding area.
  • Page 65: Cleaning The Cooling Fins

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the cooling fins Replacing the grille  Check whether the cooling fins are clogged.  Danger of injury caused by touching the cooling fins. You could cut yourself. Do not touch the cooling fins with your hands. If there is visible soiling: ...
  • Page 66: Cleaning The Tumble Dryer

    Cleaning and care  The drum and other stainless steel Cleaning the tumble dryer parts can be cleaned with a suitable Disconnect the tumble dryer from the stainless steel cleaner. electrical supply.  Damage caused by the use of unsuitable care products. Unsuitable care products could dam- age plastic surfaces and other parts.
  • Page 67: Problem Solving Guide

    Problem solving guide Many malfunctions and faults that can occur in daily operation can be easily remedied. Time and money will be saved because a service call will not be needed. The following guide may help you to find the reason for a malfunction or a fault, and to correct it.
  • Page 68 Problem solving guide Message Cause and remedy The dryer is not operating in the most effective or effi-  lights Clean airways cient way. Possible causes may be blockages caused up at the end of a by fluff or detergent residues. programme.
  • Page 69  Touch the  sensor. programme has If the programme terminates again with the same er- been cancelled. ror message, then there is a fault. Contact Miele Ser- vice. The laundry is unevenly distributed or has rolled up.  Obstruction detec- ...
  • Page 70: Unsatisfactory Drying Results

    Problem solving guide Unsatisfactory drying results Problem Cause and remedy The laundry is not suffi- The load consisted of different types of fabric. ciently dry.  Finish drying using the Timed drying warm air pro- gramme. Large items of laundry The laundry could not be disentangled in the pro- have rolled up, causing gramme you selected.
  • Page 71: The Drying Cycle Duration Is Very Long

    Problem solving guide The drying cycle duration is very long Problem Cause and remedy The drying process The room where the tumble dryer is located is too goes on too long or warm. even switches off*.  Ventilate the room thoroughly. Detergent residues, hair and fine fluff can clog the fil- ters.
  • Page 72: General Problems With The Tumble Dryer

    Problem solving guide General problems with the tumble dryer Problem Cause and remedy There are humming The compressor is operating. noises. These noises are quite normal and do not indicate a fault. The drum lighting does The drum lighting switches off automatically when not come on.
  • Page 73: Reactivating The Plinth Filter

    Problem solving guide Reactivating the plinth filter You can reactivate one or more dirty plinth filters in the washing machine. You will then be able to use the plinth filter again for a reasonable period of time.  Wash the plinth filter(s) separately, not with any laundry items.
  • Page 74: Service

    Optional accessories for this tumble cannot remedy yourself, please contact dryer are available from your Miele your Miele Dealer or Miele Service. Dealer or from the Miele Spare Parts Department. Contact information for Miele Service can be found at the end of this docu- ment.
  • Page 75: Installation

    Installation Front view a Mains connection cable f Bottom right grille = Air cooling open- b Control panel – Open only when a prompt appears c Door in the display d Fluff filter flap for the filter in the g Drain hose for condensation plinth h Non-return valve, required –...
  • Page 76: Rear View

    Installation Rear view a Interface for communicating with ex- d Module slot (for external communica- ternal devices tion module) b Mains connection cable e Drain hose for condensation c Recesses under the protruding lid for transporting the appliance...
  • Page 77: Locations

    All measurements in mm Side view 1191 1100 Washer-dryer stack min. 300 Steel plinth 1702 A stacking kit* is needed. This must be fitted by a Miele authorised service technician. Steel plinth* (open or closed bases) * Miele accessory available to order...
  • Page 78: Transporting The Tumble Dryer To Its Installation Site

    Installation Transporting the tumble dryer to its Transporting the tumble dryer installation site to its installation site  Danger of injury due to unsecure  Damage caused by incorrect lid. transportation of the tumble dryer. The fixings at the back of the lid If the tumble dryer tips over, there is could break as a result of external a danger of injury to people and...
  • Page 79: Installation

    Installation Levelling the tumble dryer Installation Ensure that no closeable door, slid- ing door, or an oppositely hinged door is installed that would hinder the door of the tumble dryer being opened in any way. Installing the tumble dryer on boats On other types of floor structures (in cases where the tumble dryer is in- stalled on sea-going vessels, for ex-...
  • Page 80: Room Ventilation

    – Make sure the room temperature is payment system (optional Miele ac- not too high. If there are other heat cessory). In this case, a Miele Service producing appliances in the room in technician must programme the relev- which the dryer is located, make sure...
  • Page 81: Hose For External Drainage Of Condensed Water

    Installation Drainage options Hose for external drainage of condensed water Tip: Follow the warnings regarding leak- ing or returning water if you select one The condensed water is pumped away of the following connection options. through the drain hose which is loc- –...
  • Page 82 Installation  Install adapter 1 to the sink drain out- Example: Connected directly to a sink drain outlet let using nut 2. The nut is usually fitted with a washer which must be removed.  Attach the end of the hose 4 to ad- apter 1.
  • Page 83: Electrical Connection

    Installation The plug connector or isolator switch Electrical connection should be easily accessible at all times. This description applies to tumble dry-  ers both with and without a mains Risk of electric shock from mains plug. voltage. If the tumble dryer is disconnected The following applies to tumble dryers from the mains, protective measures with a mains plug:...
  • Page 84: Technical Data

    Max. floor load during operation 925 N Product safety standard EN 50570, EN 60335 A-rated sound emissions L in accord- < 70 dB re 20 μPa ance with EN ISO 11204/11203 Frequency band 2.4000 GHz – 2.4835 GHz Maximum transmission power < 100 mW Conformity declaration Miele hereby declares that this heat-pump tumble dryer complies with Directive 2014/53/EU.
  • Page 85 The complete text of the EU declaration of conformity is available from one of the following internet addresses: – Products, Download from www.miele.co.uk – For service, information, operating instructions etc: go to www.miele.co.uk/do- mestic/customer-information-385.htm and enter the name of the product or the serial number...
  • Page 86: Supervisor Level

    Be careful when entering a new displayed again at the end of the pro- code. gramme. You will need to inform Miele Service if you forget your new code. Miele Service will have to reset the code. Make a note of your new code and...
  • Page 87: Language Entry

    Supervisor level Language entry Set languages The display can be set to one of sev- The languages for the setting Lan- eral different user languages. This set- guage entry International can be ting allows you to determine how lan- changed. guages can be selected. Six languages can be selected.
  • Page 88: Clock Display

    Supervisor level Clock display Volume After selecting the clock format, you The volume for various sounds can be can set the time of day. changed. Clock format The volume can be changed. – Factory default: 24-hour display – Finish tone –...
  • Page 89: Display" Off Status

    Supervisor level "Display" off status "Machine" off status The display switches off to save en- In order to save energy, the tumble ergy; only the Start/Stop sensor dryer will switch off automatically after flashes slowly. You can change this the end of the programme or if no fur- setting.
  • Page 90: Memory

    You can decide whether load quanti- ties are displayed in “kg” or “lbs”. – Factory default: kg – lb Logo You can choose whether the “Miele Professional” logo or your own logo appears in the display. For the setting Controls...
  • Page 91: Programme Selection

    Supervisor level Opening the Supervisor level (launder- Programme selection ette version) Controls  Switch the tumble dryer on and open the dryer door. You can select whether the tumble dryer is operated as a “launderette”  Touch the Start/Stop sensor and machine.
  • Page 92: Programme Packages

    Supervisor level – Standard – Launderette basic int. time Factory default: All (selected) pro- Four timed programmes* with differ- grammes are available. ent temperature levels are time-con- trolled via the tumble dryer electron- – Launderette, basic (4 prog) ics. The maximum laundry weight is Four programmes are available.
  • Page 93: Favourite Programmes

    Supervisor level Favourite programmes Special programmes After switching on, you can also select You can put together five special re- a programme via:  Favourites. sidual moisture or time-controlled pro- 12 programmes can be stored as fa- grammes and assign your own pro- vourites based on your own priorities gramme names.
  • Page 94 Supervisor level Res. moisture programme – Cooling down temp. (Process air): 40–55 °C – Final residual moisture: – Anti-crease - 6 % (dry) – 40 % (damp) – Extra drying time: – Drum rotation main direction: 0–60 minutes 0–500 seconds – Drum reversal: – Temperature (Process air): 0–500 seconds cold –...
  • Page 95: Sort Programmes

    Supervisor level Sort programmes Programmes can be moved within the programme list and in the Favourites list. – Factory default: Off – On Moving programmes/favourites You can move/change the order of the programmes (programme menu – single option list). You can also move and change the order of the favourites that you edit in the Supervisor level under Favourite programmes.
  • Page 96: Process Technology

    Supervisor level Further cooling Process technology Before the end of the programme, the Anti-crease temperature of the dried laundry is At the end of the programme, the monitored and the cooling phase at drum will continue to rotate at intervals the end of the programme is extended if the laundry is not removed immedi- if necessary.
  • Page 97: Service

    Supervisor level Your message is displayed at the end of Service the programme and can be acknow- Clean the airways ledged with . The same message ap- pears at the end of the next pro- The tumble dryer's electronics calcu- gramme.
  • Page 98: External Applications

    WiFi ated with a peak-load system if this system is connected to the tumble Control the networking of your tumble dryer via the Miele XCI box. dryer. – Factory default: no function – Setup This message only appears if the –...
  • Page 99: Network Time

    If you do not install a RemoteUpdate, – Off you can continue to use your tumble dryer in the usual way. However, Miele The date and time are not synchron- recommends installing RemoteUpdates. ised over the network.
  • Page 100: Smartgrid

    Supervisor level Running a RemoteUpdate SmartGrid If a RemoteUpdate is available for your SmartGrid setting is only visible if a washing machine, it will be displayed WiFi network has been set up and ac- automatically when the Operator level is tivated.
  • Page 101: Machine Parameters

    If you wish to change the settings after the commissioning process, please Copyrights and Licences contact Miele Service. Miele uses their own and third party software which is not subject to any so- You would like to connect a payment called Open Source Licence for the op- system.
  • Page 102: Time / Impulse

    Supervisor level Time / impulse Payment system lock To be able to operate the tumble dryer To avoid tampering, a programme lock with conventional payment systems can be set up in programme opera- where multiple coins can be inserted, tion. If the lock is applied, the pro- you can adjust how much time is pur- gramme is interrupted and payment chased each time a coin is inserted.
  • Page 103: Debounce Time

    Supervisor level Debounce time Duration Cool air In coin mode, the debounce time for The running time can be adjusted. the minimum payment signal that A time of between 10 minutes and must be applied can be adjusted. 2 hours can be set in five-minute inter- –...
  • Page 107 International Service Contacts America: +1 866 694 5849 Australia, Asia, Oceania: +61 3 9764 7880 Europe, Africa, Middle East: +49 5241 89 66 877 E-mail: service@miele-marine.com www.miele.com/marine-service Manufacturer: Miele & Cie. KG, Carl-Miele-Straße 29, 33332 Gütersloh, Germany...
  • Page 108 PDR 908 HP Marine en-GB M.-Nr. 11 257 550 / 00...

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