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Environment Concerns - Electrolux FGH50K3 User Manual


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Morgenstrasse 131
Zürcherstrasse 204E
6020 Emmenbrücke
St. Jakob-Turm Birsstrasse 320B
Comercialstrasse 19
Spare parts service Industriestrasse 10,
5506 Mägenwil, Tel. 0848 848 111
Specialist advice/Sale Badenerstrasse
587, 8048 Zürich, Tel. 044 405 81 11
Warranty For each product we provide a
two-year guarantee from the date of
purchase or delivery to the consumer
(with a guarantee certificate, invoice or
sales receipt serving as proof). The


Recycle the materials with the symbol
. Put the packaging in applicable
containers to recycle it. Help protect the
environment and human health and to
recycle waste of electrical and electronic
appliances. Do not dispose appliances
marked with the symbol
household waste. Return the product to
your local recycling facility or contact
your municipal office.
3018 Bern
9000 St. Gallen
Seetalstrasse 11
4052 Basel
7000 Chur
with the
Point of Service
guarantee covers the costs of materials,
labour and travel. The guarantee will
lapse if the operating instructions and
conditions of use are not adhered to, if
the product is incorrectly installed, or in
the event of damage caused by external
influences, force majeure, intervention by
third parties or the use of non-genuine
For Switzerland:
Where should you take your
old equipment?
Anywhere that sells new
equipment or hand it in to
official SENS collection
points or official SENS
recycling firms.
The list of official SENS
collection points can be
found at


Table of Contents

Table of Contents