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Troubleshooting - Electrolux FGH50K3 User Manual


Table of Contents
Make sure that you install
the internal glass panel in
the appropriate seats.
11.4 Removing the drawer
Do not keep flammable
items (such as cleaning
materials, plastic bags, oven
gloves, paper or cleaning
sprays) in the drawer. When
you use the oven, the
drawer can become hot.
There is a risk of fire.
The drawer below the oven can be
removed for cleaning.
1. Pull the drawer out until it stops.


Refer to Safety chapters.
12.1 What to do if...
There is no spark when
you try to activate the
spark generator.
2. Slowly lift the drawer.
3. Pull the drawer out fully.
To install the drawer, do the above steps
in the opposite sequence.
11.5 Replacing the lamp
Put a cloth on the bottom of the interior
of the appliance. It prevents damage to
the lamp glass cover and the cavity.
1. Deactivate the appliance.
2. Remove the fuses from the fuse box
The back lamp
1. Turn the lamp glass cover
2. Clean the glass cover.
3. Replace the lamp with a halogen,
4. Install the glass cover.
Possible cause
The hob is not connected
to an electrical supply or it
is connected incorrectly.
Danger of electrocution!
Disconnect the fuse before
you replace the lamp.
The lamp and the lamp glass
cover can be hot.
or deactivate the circuit breaker.
counterclockwise to remove it.
230 V, 40 W, 300 °C heat resistant
Check if the hob is correct‐
ly connected to the electri‐
cal supply. Refer to the
connection diagram.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents