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Hob - Care And Cleaning; Cleaning The Hob; Periodic Maintenance - Electrolux FGH50K3 User Manual


Table of Contents
Make sure that the pots are
placed centrally on the
burner in order to get
maximum stability and to get
lower gas consumption.
6.2 Diameters of cookware
Use cookware with
diameters applicable to the
size of burners.


Refer to Safety chapters.
7.1 General information
• Clean the hob after each use.
• Always use cookware with clean
• Scratches or dark stains on the
surface have no effect on how the hob
• Use a special cleaner applicable for
the surface of the hob.
• Wash stainless steel parts with water,
and then dry them with a soft cloth.

7.2 Cleaning the hob

• Remove immediately: melted plastic,
plastic foil, and food with sugar. If not,
the dirt can cause damage to the hob.
• Remove when the hob is
sufficiently cool: limescale rings,
water rings, fat stains, shiny metallic
discoloration. Clean the hob with a
moist cloth and non-abrasive
detergent. After cleaning, wipe the
hob dry with a soft cloth.
• To clean the enamelled parts, cap
and crown, wash them with warm
soapy water and dry them carefully
before you put them back on.
7.3 Cleaning the spark plug
This feature is obtained through a
ceramic ignition candle with a metal
electrode. Keep these components well
Semi - rapid
clean to prevent difficult lighting and
check that the burner crown holes are
not obstructed.
7.4 Pan supports
The pan supports are not
resistant to washing in a
dishwasher. They must be
washed by hand.
1. Remove the pan supports to easily
clean the hob.
Be very careful when
you replace the pan
supports to prevent the
hob top from damage.
2. The enamel coating occasionally can
have rough edges, so be careful
when you wash the pan supports by
hand and dry them. If necessary,
remove stubborn stains with a paste
3. After you clean the pan supports,
make sure that they are in correct
4. For the burner to operate correctly,
make sure that the arms of the pan
supports are aligned with the centre
of the burner.

7.5 Periodic maintenance

Speak to your local Authorised Service
Centre periodically to check the
conditions of the gas supply pipe and the
pressure adjuster, if fitted.
Diameter of cook‐
ware (mm)
160 - 220
140 - 220
120 - 180


Table of Contents

Table of Contents