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Using The Grill - Electrolux FGH50K3 User Manual


Table of Contents
on the maximum gas flow position for
15 seconds or less to let the
thermocouple warm up.
Do not keep the knob for the
oven functions pushed for
more than 15 seconds. If the
oven burner does not light
after 15 seconds, release
the knob for the oven
functions, turn it into off
position, open the oven door
and try to light the oven
burner again after minimum
1 minute.
8.4 After igniting the oven gas
1. Release the knob for the oven
2. Close the oven door.
3. Turn the knob for the oven functions
to set the necessary heat setting.
Control the flame trough the holes in the
bottom of the oven.
8.5 Turning off the oven burner
To put out the flame, turn the knob to the
off position

8.6 Using the grill

The grill temperature cannot
be adjusted. To get a lower
temperature or slower
cooking time, lower the grill
pan away from the flame.
Before you use the grill, put the grill
deflector A into the place above the door.
Make sure that the two catches fit
correctly in the holes in the top part of
the front frame of the oven cavity
(underneath the control panel).
Do not put the meat directly
on the tray or pan.
Do not put the meat on the
highest shelf level. There is
a risk of fire.
1. Open the oven door.
2. Push and hold the spark generator
3. Turn the oven control knob to Grill
. Push the knob in and
4. Release the spark generator button.
5. Keep the oven control knob in this
position for approximately 15
seconds. Do not release it until the
flame comes on.
6. Release the oven control knob.
If the grill does not come on or if it
accidentally goes out release the oven
control knob and turn it to the Off
position. Open the oven door. After one
minute, try to light the grill again.
7. Preheat the grill for 5 to 10 minutes.
8. Put the oven shelf with the meat on
shelf position 3.
9. Put a baking tray or roasting pan
below, on shelf position 2, to collect
the juices.
10. Keep the oven door slightly open.
If there is temporarily no power supply
open the oven door, put the grill deflector
and hold a flame near the grill burner
holes and turn the oven knob to the Grill


Table of Contents

Table of Contents