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Electrolux FGH50K3 User Manual page 20


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There is no spark when
you try to activate the
spark generator.
There is no spark when
you try to activate the
spark generator.
The flame extinguishes im‐
mediately after ignition.
The flame ring is uneven.
The burners do not work.
The appliance makes
The flame colour is orange
or yellow.
The lamp does not oper‐
Steam and condensation
settle on the food and in
the cavity of the oven.
The oven does not heat
It takes too long to cook
the dishes or they cook too
12.2 Service data
If you cannot find a solution to the
problem yourself, contact your dealer or
an Authorised Service Centre.
The necessary data for the service
centre is on the rating plate. The rating
Possible cause
The fuse is released.
Burner cap and crown are
placed incorrectly.
Thermocouple is not heat‐
ed up sufficiently.
Burner crown is blocked
with food residues.
There is no gas supply.
The lamp is defective.
You left the dish in the
oven for too long.
The necessary settings are
not set.
The temperature is too low
or too high.
plate is on the front frame of the
appliance cavity. Do not remove the
rating plate from the appliance cavity.
Make sure that the fuse is
the cause of the malfunc‐
tion. If the fuse releases
again and again, contact a
qualified electrician.
Place the burner cap and
crown correctly.
After lightning the flame,
keep the spark generator
activated for equal or less
than 10 seconds
Make sure that the injector
is not blocked and the
burner crown is clean.
Check the gas connection.
Some metal parts of the
appliance expand and con‐
tract when they heat up or
cool down. The noises are
The flame can look orange
or yellow in some areas of
the burner. This is normal.
Replace the lamp.
Do not leave the dishes in
the oven for longer than 15
- 20 minutes after the
cooking process ends.
Make sure that the settings
are correct.
Adjust the temperature if
necessary. Follow the ad‐
vice in the user manual.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents