Broiling Guide - Black & Decker CTO4400BC Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker convection countertop oven
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6. Broil food according to recipe or package directions and check for doneness at minimum
suggested broiling time.
7. If using the oven timer, there will be an audible signal once the broiling cycle is complete.
The oven turns off (0) and the light goes out.
8. If not using the oven timer, turn the oven to off (0) once broiling cycle is complete.
9. Using oven mitts or pot holders, lower oven door to fully open position. Slide the rack out
along with the bake pan/drip tray to remove the cooked food.
important: this oven gets hot. When in use, always use oven mitts or potholders when touching
any outer or inner surface of the oven.
0. Unplug appliance when not in use.

BroilinG GuiDe

WeiGHt /
 to 6
cutlets or
 to 4 pieces
Fish fillets,
 to 3 pieces
such as
salmon or
3½ to 4½ lb.
 to 2 pieces,
Shell or NY
about 8 oz.
strip steak
BroilinG tipS
• Placing food on broil rack allows the drippings to flow into the bake pan/drip tray and helps
to prevent smoking from the broiler.
• For best results, thaw frozen meat, poultry and fish before broiling.
• If frozen steaks and chops are broiled, allow ½ to 2 times the broiling time as required when
• Trim excess fat from meat and score edges to prevent curling.
cooKinG tiMe
2 to 5 minutes;
Chicken should
register 80°F on
turn over halfway
meat thermometer
through broiling
20 to 25 minutes
Chicken should
turn over halfway
register 80°F on
through broiling
meat thermometer
0 to 2 minutes
45°F or flakes
easily when tested
with fork
60°F for medium
0 to 2 minutes;
turn over halfway
through broiling
8 minutes to
Internal temperature
medium turn over
of 60°F for medium
halfway through
• Brush foods to be broiled with oil and season as desired before broiling.
• Fish fillets and steaks are delicate and should be broiled on bake pan/drip tray without the
broiler rack.
• There is no need to turn fish fillets during broiling. Carefully turn thick fish steaks midway
through broiling cycle.
• If broiler "pops" during broiling, reduce the temperature or lower the food in the oven.
• Wash bake pan/drip tray and clean inside of oven after each
use with non-abrasive cleaner and hot soapy water. Too much
grease accumulation will cause smoking (J).
it is not necessary to preheat the oven for toasting.
. open oven door and insert slide rack into the lower slot position with the rack up.
2. engage the integrated hooks on the door as directed in GeTTING STARTed.
3. Place desired pieces of bread or bagel to be toasted directly on slide rack and close the
4. Turn temperature selector knob to ToAST.
5. Turn cooking Mode selector knob
6. Turn toast shade selector knob
Rotate knob
Rotate knob
desired toast shade (K).
past 20 then set
past 20 then set
to desired time
to desired time
note: You must set the toast shade selector knob
for the oven to begin toasting.
7. For best results on first toasting cycle, set the toast shade
selector knob
setting, then readjust for next cycle to lighter or darker to suit
your preference.
le bouton jusqu'à
dépasser la position 20
puis régler le temps désiré
8. The oN indicator light comes on and remains on until toasting cycle is complete.
9. When toast cycle is complete, there will be an audible signal. The oven and the on
indicator light will go off.
0. open the oven door. Using oven mitts or pot holders, slide the rack out to remove the
important: this oven gets hot. When in use, always use oven mitts or potholders when
touching any outer or inner surface of the oven.
. Unplug appliance when not in use.
toASt tipS
. You must turn the toast shade selector knob
2. For best results, when making consecutive batches of toast, allow a short cool down
period between toasting cycles.
to ToAST.
to 20 and then turn back to
as desired
to medium, midway between light and dark
to off (0) to discontinue toasting.

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