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Operation; Maintenance - Mitsubishi Electric GM-J2 Series Instruction Manual

Geared motor
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• If a load is lifted, do not manually release the brake. If the brake is released, the lifted load may fall.
• In the inverter operation mode, operate the geared motor while observing the frequency range
specified in the catalog. If the frequency is out of the specified range, the motor may be damaged.
Before turning on the switch
(1) Check of each tightening bolt
Check that all the foundation bolts, sprocket bolts, coupling bolts, etc. are tightened enough.
(2) Check of electric system
Check that the motor is properly connected to the power supply unit. Check that the terminal box
is equipped with a cover. Check that the breaker capacity and the overcurrent protective relay are
properly set.
Regular operation
(1) Use the motor while observing the allowable loading torque range and the allowable starting
frequency range.
(2) During operation, if the motor generates an abnormal noise, vibrates abnormally, or does not ensure
the specified characteristics, be sure to stop operating the motor, and then inspect or overhaul the
(3) During operation, do not touch the geared motor. If you touch the motor, you may be injured or
burn your fingers.
(1) At starting, apply a light load as far as possible. When the motor speed rises to the full speed,
apply the specified load.
(2) When the motor is stopped, be sure to turn off the switch.

10. Maintenance

• Do not modify the product.
• Before starting maintenance, inspection, or repair, be sure to turn off the power.
(1) Daily inspection
Inspection item
Current value
Surface temperature
Inspection method
Check that the current value is equal to or less than the rated current
value written on the nameplate.
Use the listening rod or directly listen to the noise, and confirm that
the noise is not abnormal compared with the usual noise.
Check that the rise in the motor frame surface temperature (subtract
the ambient temperature value from the motor frame surface
temperature value) is in the range of 55°C to 65°C.
Check that the vibration of the gear case and the motor frame is 4.9
Vibration meter
Check that grease is not leaking from the geared motor to the
Visual check
Check that the chain is not too loose or too tight. Also check that
Visual check
the chain rotates smoothly.
- 10 -
Description of inspection
or less.
- 10 -



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