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Please Contact Us - Mitsubishi Electric GM-J2 Series Instruction Manual

Geared motor
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(2) Periodical inspection
Carry out periodical inspection while referring to the following table. (For the following table, the
schedule is determined assuming that the motor will be operated for 8 hours a day.)
Inspection item
Tension applied to chain
Loose foundation bolts
Insulation resistance of
motor coil

11. Please Contact Us

When you order a part, please let us know the following items:
(1) Production number (serial number)
(2) Model
(3) Output
(4) Speed reduction ratio (or speed)
(5) Part name
(6) Quantity
(7) Desired date of delivery
Inspection schedule
Every 6 months
If the chain is loose, apply tension to the chain.
Every 6 months
If the foundation bolts are loose, tighten the bolts.
Using a 500-V insulation resistance tester, check that the
Every 6 months
resistance is 1 MΩ or more. If the resistance is less than 1
MΩ, dry the coil at 90°C or less using a drying oven.
(Written on the nameplate)
- 11 -
- 11 -
Description of inspection



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