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Verification At Receiving Product; Ambient Conditions And Operation Conditions; Installation And Adjustment; Connection - Mitsubishi Electric GM-J2 Series Instruction Manual

Geared motor
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Verification at Receiving Product

(1) Verify that the model number, output value, speed value, etc. written on the nameplate do not differ
from the customer specified values.
(2) Check that no parts are damaged during transportation.
(3) Check the screws and bolts for looseness.

Ambient Conditions and Operation Conditions

(1) Keep flammable substances away from the geared motor. Flammable substances may cause a fire
or explosion.
(2) If a lift is designed for human beings, do not use the geared motor for such a lift. This is specified
in the Building Standard Law.
(3) To use the geared motor for a lift, be sure to install a safety device on the machine side. Without a
safety device, the lifted load may fall from the lift.
(4) If the loading side applies an extremely large load, the motor speed may exceed the rated speed.
In this case, install a safety device on the machine side so that the motor speed cannot exceed the
rated speed. If the motor speed is too high, the geared motor may be damaged.

Installation and Adjustment

(1) The grease lubrication system is adopted for all the types. So the geared motor can be installed in
any direction. (The motor is greased before delivery from our factory.)
(2) When the motor malfunctions, the grease may leak from the motor and the leaked grease may
damage the outside environment. For this reason, place an oil pan to prevent leakage of grease.
(3) Be sure to attach a safety cover to the belt, chain, gear, etc.
(4) Keep the motor away from the humidity and dust. Adjust the ambient temperature in the range of
−15°C to +40°C, and the relative humidity to 90% or less. Do not freeze the motor. In addition,
check that the motor can be cooled quickly.
(5) Select a rigid frame that can ensure effective thermal conductivity, and then firmly install the motor
so that the bolts cannot be loose. Install the motor so that the flatness can be 0.2 mm or less.


(1) When connecting the geared motor to the machine, center
the motor so that decentering from the machine can be 0.05
mm or less.
Use the flexible coupling for easy centering.
(2) Adjust the sag of the chain to approximately 4% of the span
length (refer to Fig. 1). If the sag is too large, starting the
motor may cause a large shock, and the geared motor may
be damaged.
(3) To protect the motor from damage caused by an overhung
load, adjust the sprocket, gear, and pulley positions so that
the load position can be on the output shaft joggling side.
(4) The tolerance for the sprocket and coupling holes should be
approximately H7. When inserting a part into a hole, do
not hit the part using a hammer. If a part is hit with a
strong force, bearings and gears cannot be engaged
- 4 -
- 4 -
0.04 × L or less
Fig. 1 Sag of chain



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