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Mitsubishi Electric GM-J2 Series Instruction Manual page 3

Geared motor
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Ambient conditions and operation conditions:
● When the motor malfunctions, the grease may leak from the motor and the leaked grease may damage the
outside environment. For this reason, place an oil pan to prevent leakage of grease.
● Be sure to attach a safety cover to the belt, chain, gear, etc.
● Do not place any-object which may interface with ventilation around the geared motor. Failure to observe
this warning may cool air which may cause burn injury and or fire.(In the case of 60 or 90W model.)
● Use the motor while observing the allowable loading torque range and the allowable starting frequency
● During operation, if the motor generates an abnormal noise, vibrates abnormally, or does not ensure the
specified characteristics, be sure to stop operating the motor, and then inspect or overhaul the motor.
● During operation, do not touch the geared motor. If you touch the motor, you may be injured or burn
your fingers.
Maintenance and modification:
● Do not modify the product.
● Before starting maintenance, inspection, or repair, be sure to turn off the power.
● Geared motor will become quite hot during operation. Take care not to touch the geared motor with your
hands or body. Failure to observe this could lead to burns etc.
● Treat the motor as general industrial waste when disposing of it.
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