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Section 5. Filter Disassembly And Assembly; Section 6. Maintenance; General Maintenance - Jandy Versa-Plumb CV Series Installation And Operation Manual

Cartridge pool filters
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" T " N u t
Cl a m p
R i n g
Cl a m p R i n g ,
Cl o s e
d P o s i t i o n
Figure 1 0 . Filter C lamp Ring A ssemb ly
After the pressure gauge has stabilized, turn the
bezel ring so that the arrow next to the word
"CLEAN" aligns with the needle of the gauge. As
the filter cleans the water, and the cartridges begin
to clog the pressure begins to increase. When the
needle of the pressure gauge aligns with the arrow
next to the word "DIrTy" on the bezel, it is time
to clean the filter (see Section 6.3). This indicates
an increased pressure of between 10 and 12 psi
above original starting pressure.
Section 5. Filter Disassembly and
N E V E R a t t e m p t t o a s s e
d i s a
s s e
m b l e o r a d j u s t
t h e r e i s p r e s s u
S t a r t i n g t h e p u m p w h i l e t h e r e i s
a n y p r e s s u
c a
n c a
u s e
o f f , w h i c h
p e r s o
n a l i n j u r y o r p r o p e r t y d a m a g e .
Turn off the pump. Switch off the circuit breaker
to the pump motor.
C artridge Pool Filters - C L and C V S eries Filters
T h r e a d e d
T i g h t e n i n g
R o d
N u t w /
S h o u l d e r
T i g h t e n i n g
N u t w /
S h o u l d e r
Use a 9/16" Socket
m b l e ,
t h e f i l t e r w h e n
r i z e
d a i r i n t h e s y s t
e m .
r i z e
d a i r i n t h e s y s t
e m
t h e f i l t e r l i d t o b e b l o w n
c a
n c a
u s e
d e a t h , s e
r i o u s
IMPORTANT: Completely open air release valve
on top of the filter tank to release all pressure
from inside the tank and system.
Close the filter isolation valves on the system to
prevent flooding.
Remove the drain plug located at the bottom of the
filter tank and allow the tank to drain.
Replace the drain plug.
Loosen the tank clamp ring retainer and remove
the clamp ring.
remove the top of the filter tank by lifting it
straight up until it clears the cartridges on the
inside of the tank.
Remove the manifold assembly by lifting it off of
the outlet tube and out of the tank.
Pull the cartridges out of the filter tank and clean
the cartridge using the instructions in Section 6.3.
10. Using new cartridges or the clean original ones,
place the cartridges back into the filter tank. Be
sure that they are correctly seated on the cartridge
support on the bottom of the tank.
11. Inspect the o-ring at the top of the outlet tube for
cracks and wear marks. Replace if necessary.
12. reinstall the manifold making sure that it fits
squarely over the cartridges and outlet tube.
13. Inspect the tank o-ring for cracks or wear marks.
Replace if necessary. Place the o-ring back onto
the filter bottom.
14. Place the filter lid onto the filter tank bottom.
15. Replace the tank clamp ring. See Section 3.4 for
clamp installation.
16. Start the pump by following the procedures
outlined in steps 2 through 7 of Section 4.1.

Section 6. Maintenance

6.1 General Maintenance

Wash outside of filter with a mild detergent and
water. Rinse off with a hose. Do not use solvents
to clean the filter, solvents will damage the plastic
components of the filter.
Check pressure during operation at least once a
Remove any debris from the skimmer basket and
hair/lint pot on pump.
Check pump and filter for any leaks. If any leaks
develop, turn off the pump and call a qualified
pool service technician.
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