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Add Toolchest Items To Your Project; Place Into User Defined Types; Place Into Program Blocks; Figure 8; Folders In Dualbus Drawer - GE PACSystems RX3i Application Manual

Genius dual bus
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Chapter 4. Toolchest Components
The Toolchest now contains the DualBus drawer. Using the dropdown text box, click on DualBus. Expand the
drawer so that the individual folder items are visible as shown below:

Add Toolchest items to your project

While depressing the Ctrl key, drag the following items from the Toolchest's DualBus folders into the PLC
target. Please make certain that the items are added in the proper order:

Place into User Defined Types

Group01 – UDTs
Group02 – UDTs

Place into Program Blocks

When function blocks are dragged from the Toolchest into the Program Blocks collection, Proficy Machine
Edition may prompt for an entry into which a variable name must be provided.

Figure 8; Folders in DualBus Drawer

Figure 9: PME Form: Enter Variable Name

PACSystems* RX3i Genius Dual Bus Application Guide



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