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GE GCG001 Quick Start Manual

Genius communications gateway
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PACSystems* RX3i
Genius* Communications Gateway, IC695GCG001
Quick Start Guide, GFK-2891C
August 2016



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  Summary of Contents for GE GCG001

  • Page 1 PACSystems* RX3i Genius* Communications Gateway, IC695GCG001 Quick Start Guide, GFK-2891C August 2016...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents User Features ..........................2 1.1. Ethernet Ports ....................... 2 1.2. Genius Serial Bus Connectors ..................3 1.3. Power Connector ......................4 1.4. Rear of Module Features ....................4 1.5. Light-Emitting Diode Indicators (LEDs)................5 Hardware Installation....................... 7 2.1. Initial Checks ........................ 7 2.2.
  • Page 3: User Features

    † In addition to the PNC001, beginning with version 8.90, the CPE330 CPUis capable of controlling a GCG001 on a PROFINET network. No other PROFINET controllers are supported. PACSystems RX3i Genius Communications Gateway Quick Start Guide GFK-2891C...
  • Page 4: Genius Serial Bus Connectors

    Each port on the GCG001 operates independently through an embedded Ethernet switch. The switch permits the network to be daisy-chained through the GCG001 to other I/O devices. 1.2. Genius Serial Bus Connector The GCG module is equipped with one active six- terminal Genius Serial Bus connector.
  • Page 5: Power Connector

    If the GCG001 must be replaced in the event of a failure, remove the SD card from the failed unit and install it in the replacement prior to mounting. All PROFINET configuration data will then be transferred to the replacement module.
  • Page 6: Light-Emitting Diode Indicators (Leds)

    Loading New Firmware To load new GCG001 firmware, the SD card must be moved to a computer. Copy the firmware image to the card, then re-insert the card into the unpowered GCG001’s SD slot.
  • Page 7 A fault or other PROFINET diagnostic data exists on Red, ON the Gateway CONNECT — indicates a connection to a PROFINET controller. One or more connections with GE’s Automation & Controls PROFINET Controllers have been established to this device. Device trying to connect to a controller.
  • Page 8: Hardware Installation

    As the consignee, it is your responsibility to register a claim with the carrier for damage incurred during shipment. GE’s Automation & Controls will fully cooperate with you, however, should such action be necessary.
  • Page 9: Installation In Hazardous Areas

    LOCATIONS, DO NOT USE UNLESS AREA IS KNOWN TO BE NON-HAZARDOUS. ATEX Zone 2 The GCG001 must be mounted in an enclosure certified in accordance with EN60079-15 for use in Zone 2, Group IIC and rated IP54. The enclosure shall only be able to be opened with the use of a tool.
  • Page 10: Module Installation

    Backplane Mounting The two captive M3.5 screws at the rear of the GCG001 align with mating tapped holes on the right side of the Universal Backplane (above and below the expansion connector), providing a convenient mounting location.
  • Page 11 Grounding The GCG001 module provides a grounding connection on the power plug. The panel in which the GCG001 module or RX3i Universal Backplane is mounted to must have a safety ground connection to protective earth. This ground wire must be at least 1.5 mm AWG).
  • Page 12: Configuration

    GCG001. 3.2. Basic Configuration Steps The full configuration of the GCG001 is beyond the scope of this Guide, but is covered in detail in the User Manual, GFK-2892, referenced in section 4. In brief, the steps are the following: If you haven’t already done so, use Machine Edition to add a PROFINET IO-Controller...
  • Page 13 Select the PNC001 in the Navigator window, then browse the module and the Local Area Network (LAN) configuration in the Inspector window, changing parameters as necessary for your system. Right-click the PNC001, then select Add IO-Device to open the PROFINET Device Catalog dialog.
  • Page 14 With the GCG001 connected to the PNC001 with Ethernet cables and both the RX3i rack and the GCG001 powered up, select Refresh Device List. Find the GCG001 in the list. If its Device Name does not match the one with which the PNC001 is configured, select it, then select Edit Device, change the Device Name, then Exit.
  • Page 15: Additional Information

    4. Additional Information PACSystems RX3i and RX7i CPU Reference Manual, GFK-2222 PACSystems RX3i System Manual, GFK-2314 PACSystems RX3i PROFINET IO-Controller Manual, GFK-2571 PACSystems RX3i Genius Communications Gateway Module User Manual, GFK-2892 PACSystems RX3i Genius Communications Gateway Module Important Product Information, GFK-2900 Genius I/O System and Communications User’s Manual, GEK-90486F-1 User manuals, product updates and other information sources are available on the Support...
  • Page 16 GE’s Automation & Controls Contact Information Americas: 1-800-433-2682 or 1-434-978-5100 Global regional phone numbers are available on our web site © 2014-2016 General Electric Company. * Trademark of General Electric Company and/or its subsidiaries. All other trademarks are property of their respective holders.

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