Battery Functions - Schaudt EBL 101 D Instruction Manual

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Instruction Manual EBL 101 D / EBL 101 C with OVP
Suitable batteries
Battery charging
whilst moving
Battery isolation
Battery selector switch
Battery monitor with
automatic disconnect

Battery functions

6-cell lead acid or lead gel batteries, 55 Ah and above
Simultaneous charging of the starter battery and the living area battery via
the alternator, parallel connection of the batteries via a cut-off relay
The battery cut-off (at the battery cut-off switch of the Electroblock, see Fig.
4, Pos. 15, see also section 3.4) isolates the following connections from the
living area battery:
all 12 V consumers
the frost protection valve
This prevents slow discharge of the living area battery by the standby cur-
rent during shutdown of the vehicle (discharge with approx. 4 Ah in month).
The batteries can still be charged using the Electroblock, the alternator, an
auxiliary charging unit or the solar charge regulator, even when the battery
cut-off switch is switched off.
The switching option provided by the battery selector switch ensures opti-
mum charging of the two battery types, lead gel and lead acid.
The battery monitor of the DT ... control and switch panel constantly moni-
tors the living area battery with dynamic voltage threshold. The cut-off point
is "earlier" for lower discharge currents than for larger currents. This provi-
des improved total discharge protection. Monitoring is also performed in the
switched-off state. A warning message is displayed below 12.0 V (depen-
dent on current drain).
If the voltage of the living area battery sinks further, falling below 10.5V, the
battery monitor immediately switches off all 12V consumers. The control and
display panel also switches itself off. Only the frost protection valve conti-
nues to be powered (so it stays closed). Before switch-off, all switch states
and the value of the battery capacity are stored and restored after power-on.
If an overload or an insufficiently charged living area battery causes the vol-
tage to fall so low that the automatic disconnector is triggered, any non-es-
sential consumers should be switched off.
If need be, the 12V supply can begin operation for a short time. In this case
the 12 V main switch on the DT ... control and switch panel must be swit-
ched on.
However, if the battery voltage remains below 11.0 V, the 12 V power supply
can not be turned back on.
Fully charge the living area battery as soon as possible. For more informa-
tion, see the "Battery voltages" description in the relevant DT ... control and
switch panel instruction manual.
Date: 29.04.2010
811.554 BA / EN

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