Battery Functions - Schaudt Electroblock EBL 30 Instruction Manual

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Instruction Manual for Electroblock EBL 30 / EBL 30 with OVP

Battery functions

Suitable batteries
6-cell lead-gel or AGM batteries, 55 Ah and above
Battery charging
Simultaneous charging of the starter battery and the living area battery via
whilst moving
the alternator, parallel connection of the batteries via a cut-off relay
Battery charging via
Maximum permitted charge current 14 A, fused with 15 A (for leisure area
solar charge regulator
battery), simultaneous charging of the starter battery
Battery isolation
The battery is isolated with the battery cut-off switch.
This prevents the living area battery from slowly discharging due to closed
circuit current while the vehicle is not in use.
Battery selector switch
The switching option provided by the battery selector switch ensures opti-
mum charging of the battery types, lead-gel and AGM, for mains supply.
Automatic disconnector
The battery monitor compares the current of the living area battery with a
reference current. As soon as the battery current drops below 10.5V, all 12V
consumers are switched off via main switch relays 1 and 2.
Only the frost protection valve continues to be powered.
The automatic disconnector is not triggered by short-term low voltage (shor-
ter than 2 seconds), caused by high current when switching on consumers.
If an overload or an insufficiently charged living area battery causes the vol-
tage to fall so low that the automatic disconnector is triggered, any non-es-
sential consumers should be switched off.
If need be, the 12V supply can begin operation for a short time. For this,
switch on the 12V main switch on the control and switch panel.
However, if the battery current remains below 11.0V, the 12V supply can not
be switched on again. Fully charge the living area battery as soon as possi-
ble. For more information, see the description of "battery voltages".
Date: 15.10.2018
8110305 BA / EN

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